Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Starting out with lots of courage.

I'm very cozily drinking my second cup of black coffee here on this still very dark Wednesday morning. If I had chickens, they would still be roosting but I am ready to start the day. I think I'll need some more coffee than these two cups but that is not because I'm still half asleep. I literally jumped out of bed in a good mood and was ready for anything that might come my way. The coffee just tastes very good going down and does make me extra alert. 

The coffee I had at the café yesterday was very good and I think it must have been made stronger than I make it so I have to do some experimenting. I have a very good brand of coffee so that can't be the problem. It must be that I add too much water per spoonful of coffee.With the next pot I make, I'm going to try out some different amounts of ground coffee and water. I must be able to get it right because there's nothing like a cup of coffee that makes your mouth pucker.

This morning I really am going to do those groceries that I have been putting off doing for the past couple of days now. I've simply not been motivated and deprived enough to do them but today is the day and nothing will distract me. There always was some reason and excuse not to go on the other days but I am running out of supplies now and the worst thing is that I've run out of liverwurst for the animals. We can't have that situation of course and it must be remedied as quickly as possible. 

The grocery list on the white board did grow longer with each day that I put off going to the store and pretty soon I will have caught up with myself and be close to my regular shopping day. I have to also get extra groceries for when my friend Judy is here because I will be cooking for two people instead of just one and having to plan my meals more carefully and with more variety. I don't mind so much repeating myself when it's just me I'm cooking for but now it will be different. 

It will be another exciting day at the Ponderosa Ranch where never a dull day goes by. 


Lucky Dip Lisa said...

I love a good coffee but I really am an instant kinda girl. None of that fancy shmancy stuff for me! Fair trade would be my preference but it's not on my budget!

Rudee said...

I totally forgot there is a fiber festival about an hour from my home this weekend. The best part about going there is stopping at a local coffee shop where art meets science and the best cups of coffee are served up. I might finally buy myself a chemex pot there. I swear it makes the best coffee, but it's all in the art of the pour over.

Thanks for the reminder. I get my early morning courage from my coffee, too.