Tuesday, October 09, 2012

Another merry Tuesday...

It feels like I had a very busy day today but that is just a general sort of vague impression because in reality I didn't really do all that much. Still, the day did pass awfully fast and I feel like I accomplished an awful lot. I do have to stick to the facts and recall what I've really done and admit that it is not all that much. Apparently this was supposed to be my day off or at least a low performance day. 

I washed the cushion covers on the Ikea arm chair with the wooden frame and I thought it was going to be another exercise in frustration to get the damp covers back on the cushions. I was all ready to do battle anyway and inwardly calmed myself before I did the job but the covers went on easier than I had aniticipated and they got very clean too and I could tell you which washing powder I used in my very old washing machine but I won't do any advertising for free this time. 

I found out by trial and error that I have to wait to feed Tyke until later in the day when he's had enough exercise and opportunities to unload because he doesn't want to eat after his first walk in the morning. It's something that has developed as he has gotten older. I actually think it may be better to wait until the end of the afternoon but now I feed him after his noontime walk and he seems to be hungry enough then. I think it would be best if he really worked up an appetite and asked for his food. He knows best when he's hungry.

The people from the recycle shop are coming to pick up all the bags of clothes tomorrow afternoon. I was going to have the Exfactor take them to the depot one by one but this is a much simpler solution of course. The idea to do this had not even crossed my mind. I do believe my head's not quite screwed on right and the Exfactor had to think of it. People who don't have cars do have to think creatively. 

I can tell that I have no fat on my bones because although it is not all that cold, the nip that's in the air is enough to make me want to wear my biggest winter coat. What does that mean for when it  really becomes winter? I have a feeling that I'm going to be freezing my buns off a lot. I even already sometimes close all the windows and turn the heater on for a while. That's a complete outrage! 

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Maggie May said...

I seem to feel the cold a lot more these days and I am already in Wintery fleeces. I was only thinking yesterday what I would do when the real cold weather comes. This is nothing to what it could be.
Glad the recycle people are taking the clothes.
Have a good day. I find the time goes faster than ever, as I get older.
Maggie X

Nuts in May