Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Trying that again.

I wrote a totally ridiculous post during the night while I was half asleep and under the influence of a sleeping pill. so I just now deleted it. I should have done that sooner but I was busy up to now and didn't have a chance to get around to it. When I reread it, I was horrified and couldn't believe I had written so much drivel. 

Well, a person does make the occasional error once in a while and is hopefully still liked well enough. I suppose I really don't have to make up for it so I won't try to do that. I'll relax and just write down what I've done so far today, which really isn't all that important either come to think of it.

I had my hair cut and because so little of it really needed to be cut, I only had to pay ten euros for it even though it was also washed and blow dried. I call that good service. I don't remember the last time I paid that little for a haircut. 

It was left longer than the last time and falls into place naturally and no hairspray was used. That's good and now my hair will get less dirty quickly.. I don't want to wash it too often as I was always told that this was not good for your hair. I think shampoo manufacturers would have us believe differently. 

I went to see my GP about that large bump on my head and was told it is some sort of cyst and it will be removed on the day he has small surgeries when there is an opening next. Apparently it is a quite common cyst and no big deal. I could leave it on my head too but frankly I don't want to walk around with it on there. It's like an alen is sitting under my skin. 

The substitute domestic help came and it was a student from the medical school so we had an intelligent conversation. I do enjoy these kinds of substitutes who know how to speak General Civilized Dutch while they expect an ailing old woman and get me instead which requires some explanation at one point. 

I'm going to eat a whole lot of chicken for dinner tonight because it agreed with me so much yesterday and my stomach is so happy today. I've taken a heap out of the freezer to thaw and will start fixing it as soon as I am done writing this. I am full of happy anticipation.


Maggie May said...

Sometimes we do make mistakes on the net.
Hope you enjoyed the chicken.
Maggie X

Nuts in May

Rudee said...

I must have missed that one! One more worry for me on the nights I do take an Ambien tablet!