Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Glasses of tea with lemon.

There are two trout tucked away in the freezer waiting for an opportune moment to be cooked for dinner. Until that time, I can only think of them with longing in my heart because it has been a while since I have eaten trout. I must say that I am looking forward to that moment very much so I will not wait too long before I fix them. 

I will cut off their heads with their glassy, beady eyes first because I do not like them looking at me from the frying pan while I prepare them. I know it is the right thing to leave their heads on but in my kitchen those get cut off before the trout are cooked. I am an expert at dismantling fish beause I used to catch and clean them myself in another life. These are from the supermarket. That is less romantic, isn't it?

I have also bought the best brand of whole grain breakfast cake there is and I have to say that it tastes ever so much better than the cheap kind that the Exfactor  used to get. I had two slices of it already and there is no arguining about the quality. As a rule, it does not pay to buy the lesser brand. You can taste the difference and also notice it in the texture and how well it fills your stomach. 

I bought a very sharp kitchen knife because the one I had was just a bit dull  and I wanted one that I barely would have to use force on. There is nothing worse than a knife that is not sharp. The new one cut Tyke's sandwich in little pieces in no time at all. That is what I call efficiency. I hate to struggle with things that don't work right.

I thought I bought a solid airfreshener but they turned out to be sticks to put in the bag of the vacuum cleaner. Instead, I opened the seals of  one of the packages and put it on the bottom of my closet hoping it will give it a fresh smelling odor. I am going to check in a while to see if it works. When given lemons, make lemonade.

I have washed a load of laundry and am looking forward to hanging it on the clothing rack because I know it is going to smell nice. Is there anything better than clean, good smelling laundry? Well yes, dishes that sparkle. God, don't I sound like a housewife from the 1950's? I take pleasure in having the small details of my life turn out well. I love a glass that is smudge free. It takes so little to make me happy.

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