Monday, October 22, 2012

Defining the night.

I have got a terrible rash from my metal watch band on the inside of my left wrist and I won't be able to wear my watch for a while. I have got an awful urge to scratch the rash but I am only doing it with the palm of my hand so as to not make it worse. I put a soothing cortisone creme on it and that does help but very often I don't remember to use it on time. 

I will have to have a new battery put in the watch with the leather band even though I like that one less because the face of it is smaller and it is harder to see where the hands are pointing without wearing my glasses. And yes, I am still too vain to wear my glasses all the time except when it is really necessary like when I sit behind the computer.

I had the tilapia filets for dinner and the fish was so well done that it fell apart when I put it on my plate. I still have a bit of a hard time judging how long I should cook it and overcook it to be on the safe side. It didn't hinder out eating pleasure and Tyke and I ate it as quickly as we could, being absolutely certain that there were no bones in it to choke on.

I used to do the dishes after dinner being under the mistaken impression that I disliked waking up to them in tje morning. I now know better and I stack them up and get around to them when I am ready to face the day. I find it a good way to start the day's chores. 

The laundry that is hanging to dry on the clothing rack in the bathroom smells very good and I push my nose into it whenever I have to be there. That's one chore I will have to do in the morning. Fold and put away the dry laundry and it will be a pleasure. 

I have decided to start wearing only T-shirts with very artistically printed images and texts on them. This limits me in what I can buy because it makes me very picky. I read the texts carefully and decide if I agree with the statement and if I want to walk around proclaiming that. The images have to be very well done and look like they are prints that you would hang on your wall if you were so tacky.

I found one yesterday out of a possible hundred or so that I thought was good enough and had long sleeves. There are more with short sleeves but I can't wear those now. .It is a new hobby and something to keep me occupied with. No doubt I will be on the look out for them wherever I go. 

I want one that says, "Life is but a dream..."


Rob-bear said...

Maybe you can leave the dishes, but I dislike waking up to them. It's bad enough in the morning that they are clean and in the dying rack, and have to be put away. Not that I always succeed in my mission, but I know what my goal is.

T-shirts with messages, Yes. Delightful. I friend has a whole set of them. All quite comical; some, very pointed.

I hope you have a wonderful week, and that your metal watch band is the only rash experience you encounter.

Friko said...

You are right, doing dishes is a kind of soothing job, requiring almost no brain, so you can enjoy your own thoughts.

I am not too fond of t-shirts with slogans, most slogans are too stupid. Here’s hoping that you enjoy hunting for the ones that please.