Sunday, October 21, 2012

So cool and refreshing.

I think I've got it figured out now. After I get up, I need caffeine to get my brain cells in working conditon and then I need orange juice to perk up my sugar levels. Between the two of these beverages, I become a whole person with a complete personality. If I have two cups of coffee and two glasses of orange juice, I'm in great shape. 

See, you learn something new every day and a person is never done with that. If you pay close enough attention to what the heck is happening to you, you can take care of the minutest details and not be uncomfortable. If you have a tender stomach, it is especially important to pay attention to them.

After I ate chicken sausages for dinner last night, my stomach wasn't happy at all. It wasn't the sausage meat that I had a problem with but the casings it came in. I'm afraid those are just a little bit too undigestible for me. That was another wise lesson learned and I won't try them again but what I can eat is all a big trial and error experiment anyway. 

Being able to drink the orange juice, and having the liverwurst be such a success with Tyke and Gandhi, does mean that I have to go shopping again sooner than I had expected and I'll have to see which supermarket is open today. It will be another huge adventure if it is a store other than my usual one. I do enjoy these forays into the unknown as long as it is one of a chain of stores I am familiar with.

I am in need of some very good expensive perfume but lack the money to buy it for myself. The reason I want it to be expensive is because I've got the cheaper perfume now and it seems like the smell doesn't last very long after I have put it on. I never do smell it on myself anyway. I would really like about a liter of some very good stuff and douze myself with it every morning so that even I can smell it. The little bottles are always empty so quickly. 

I do have to say, though, that when I pull clothes out of the closet that I have worn before, they do smell good and like perfume. .I suppose I must smell like that when I wear them too. My mother always smelled like Chanel no. 5 and for a while I wore this perfume too out of sentimental  reasons. I did get over that stage, although I think it is a good perfume.  I also used to wear something by Oscar de la Rente but that was in the States and I think it's not available here. I may try to look for it when I am in Texas for the holidays.

I had forgotten that I bought a big bottle of laundry softener and not put it in with the last few loads of washing. I did use it yesterday and while the machine was churning away, it did smell very good in the bathroom. I haven't taken the laundry out yet to hang it up to dry but I have high hopes. You know how I am about good smells now and I would love laundry with the smell of springtime in it as is promised by the label on the bottle. I am a sucker for good advertising. 

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Gail said...

What have you done with Irene???

I hear such joy and adventure in your post. You are my inspiration. Have you noticed, except of course for the dark creations, I am improving my thoughts?

Thank you for helping me find that path.