Tuesday, April 01, 2014

The Plan

My plan to go to Houston for good in five years time, is taking on more solid form as my daughter and I discuss it over and back by email. Instead of being just a hopeful glimmer in our thoughts, it is now a very sure thing that we know is going to happen. The timing is even perfect because my daughter is at a place in her life when a lot of positive things are happening and she needs to finish taking care of them before I come there for good. Everything will fall into place as if by itself.
The nice thing is that I can get used to the idea slowly and live with joy toward the day that it will happen. Every birthday will be extra special because it will bring me closer to the day I leave. It will be like immigrating all over again and it will be the third time that I do. I am starting to be an old hand at it. Moving to the States again will be easier than moving back to The Netherlands ever was, so it will not be a traumatic experience. I will thrive on the change.
When I was last in Houston, I knew I could live there and I never felt uncomfortable being there, except for that experience in that mega shopping mal, which I will always avoid. I liked the old neighborhoods with their restored houses and their mature trees and I liked downtown. I also liked the diversity of people I saw there. It is a very cosmopolitan place.

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Z said...

That's something wonderful to look forward to, I'm so happy for you.