Thursday, April 03, 2014


I had to go see my GP yesterday morning because I thought I might have a sinus infection and that turned out to be true and I got antibiotics for that. She had just been ready to call me about the hormone replacement therapy for the menopause I am in because she had decided to have me take that for six months, much to my relief. I think this will not only take care of the terrible night sweats, but also of the upsetting emotional state I have been in lately. I expect much of it anyway and will find out within one or two weeks if it works. I will keep taking the tranquilizers in the meantime until I don't need them anymore.
Because I had such a headache, I have started wearing my stronger glasses and I think they are starting to help. I have the headache because of the sinus infection, of course, but I thought wearing the stronger glasses would not hurt. I did have to get used to wearing them, but I have now and they no longer feel strange.
The summer dress I had been waiting for was delivered yesterday and it was put in my mailbox so I didn't even have to stay home for it. It turned out to be a good fit and I wore it right away over a pair of matching leggings under a jeans jacket. Suitably attired, I walked Tyke in the hazy sunshine. I am sure he didn't care one bit about how I was dressed, but I like for life to be as if I am always going to a party.
I saw my therapist yesterday and we had a decent conversation, but I had a bit of a hard time concentrating because of my headache. She did say that we needed to make a new and better emergency plan and that this was our next task. The one I have now is not up to par and will not really work well in an emergency in case of either hypomania or severe depression. God forbid that either one of these states of mind should happen, but we must be prepared. I come close to being depressed nowadays, but hopefully soon that problem will be solved.
I have decided not to let the opinions of other people about the hormone therapy influence me and go my own way, just as I do about the medications I take for my bipolar disorder. I know there are other ways to go about treating these problems and one of them is through a holistic approach, but there are not holistic practitioners in this area, and I don't know if I would dare go that way. My daughter is very adamant about the holistic approach, but I have to disappoint her and go my own chosen way. I have to not do things because I have to try to please other people. If I do, the end is out of sight.  


Connie Rose said...

Good for you, doing what feels right for you. xoxo

Rob-bear said...

Glad to hear you are making progress with a variety of health issues. Well done, Irene! And if Tyke is smart at all, he will recognize and approve of your new threads.

I'm living with a cold this week, and it has not been fun. I'm fearful of the pneumonia from last autumn returning. That would be even less fun. Bah! Humbug!

Whatever you do in your life should be your choice, not the choice of others. You have to live with yourself all the time.

I hope you have a good evening and a glorious Thursday.

Blessings and Bear hugs!

Wisewebwoman said...

We have to live with the decisions we make and honour the ones made by others so I am glad you are championing yourself.