Sunday, April 13, 2014

Living like a hermit

My self imposed separation from the world is working out well and I am becoming more and more comfortable with the idea that I am allowing myself a long time to do this. It was difficult at first to accept that I had stepped out of the rat race and that I didn't have to get back to it, but now it is very much alright with me. The healing properties of my hermit like existence are starting to bear fruit and I am already a much more relaxed human being. They are because I am so very strict about it, and I aim to stick to this regime until the end of May.
Tyke and Gandhi are the beneficiaries of my newfound relaxed state of existence. I have more time and energy to pay attention to them and spend time petting them and talking to them about nothing at all. I don't feel that I have to do anything else when Gandhi sits on my lap or when Tyke wants a belly rub. I guard this quality time with them like a mother lion and make darn sure nothing interferes with it. It is to my benefit too that I do this because time spent with the animals is good for me.
I feel better now that I have stopped taking the estrogen pills and am much less anxious. They should put the danger of that as a great big warning on the box. It also said in the English language information sheet, that if you have endometriosis, you should not be taking these hormones, so I thought it was kind of odd that I was allowed to take them. It was after all thought that I had that kind of tissue left in my body and that it was causing me to go into menopause. Maybe that was a fairytale that I need to investigate further.
Well, you do live and learn and it is through personal experience that you do. You touch the fire and you burn yourself. Hopefully I have learned my lesson well enough now.

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Rob-bear said...

1. Sometimes when one is not well, the last thing one needs is human company. That you have gone to the dog and cat is not a bad thing.

2. The danger would be in closing off your world too completely. At least you are blogging and answering e-mail. This is a good sign.

Rest well, Irene!

Blessings and Bear hugs!