Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Honesty is the best policy

Whenever I start feeling rushed and as a result, anxious, I tell myself that there is no need for it and that I can take all the time in the world and that there is no real deadline by which something needs to get done. Now, this sounds good in theory, but of course there are some things that I have to see to that I really can not postpone and I already have a list of phone calls that I have to make in the morning.
It is a normal part of life that I get this done, but I would not have been able to as recent as a few days ago, which goes to show you that little by little there is improvement in my situation every day. I do have to say that, while this is happening, I am becoming more and more patient about the time needed for the process to take place and am in no rush to say, "Hallelujah, I am cured now," some morning when I wake up feeling good.
I know life has its regular ups and downs and that everybody's mood fluctuates and that I can not expect to always find myself in a state of happiness. But I do expect the pain of living to disappear when there is no reason for it to exist and to no longer always in the back of my mind think of a way out of life if things don't work out.

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Wisewebwoman said...

Being kind to ourselves is sometimes the most difficult task of all.