Wednesday, April 02, 2014

All is well that moves along...

I had such a tough time yesterday that I hardly knew what to do with myself because that stress I have been fighting lately came back with a vengeance and I don't know why it does. I can feel stressed about the least little thing that really is unimportant and I don't know why these things should bother me so much. I ended up taking some tranquilizers again and even took a low dose of the antipsychotic and now, at this time of night, I finally feel a certain amount of peace and serenity that I appreciate very much. I am going to have to talk to my psychiatrist about my medications and see if there is anything we need to change.
I do have an appointment with my therapist today and I can discuss the problem of the ever present stress with her, but I have already done that before and I thought that I had eliminated the causes for it. I do not worry about anything in specific. It seems to be a free floating anxiety that attaches itself to anything that could possibly be a problem, no matter how insignificant it is. I thought that by making the plan to move to Houston, I had taken care of whatever worries laid ahead in the next five years, but I guess I was wrong. This anxiety has a mind of its own.
I thought my new summer dress was going to be delivered yesterday and made it a point to be home as much as possible, but at one point I got an email saying that there would be a delay of one day. Well shoot, I do have to go out and will probably miss the delivery and I am the one in the building who always accepts the packages for everybody else because no one is home during the day. I had looked forward to wearing that dress because on Friday the weather is going to turn colder again. Foiled again! The best laid plans and everything...
I have a doctor's appointment first thing in the morning because I have pain in my sinuses and have had for about a week. It's in my forehead and my cheekbones and paracetamol doesn't help. Possibly it is because of hay fever because there is much pollen in the air right now. I hope I don't have a sinus infection and maybe the doctor can just prescribe a nose spray.
Maybe I need stronger glasses.   


Wisewebwoman said...

So sorry to hear you're stressed and downward feeling.

I hope you get it sorted with your support team.

Disappointing about that dress :(


Connie Rose said...

If you really are just now going through menopause, that thing that you're calling stress might be purely anxiety. The first few months I went thru menopause I had terrible anxiety. I felt as though I wasn't even on the planet. It was very unnerving and uncomfortable. I took an anti-anxiety med for about a month and then it went away. So your current issue might not be stress at all. Talk to your docs about it. Hope you're feeling better! xoxo