Monday, April 07, 2014

A little bit of a rant...

I may be mistaken, but I was under the impression that the antibiotics were supposed to take care of my sinus infection, but tonight it has come back in full force and I have had to take paracetamol for the pain. It is in my cheekbones that it hurts the most and it is very uncomfortable when I lie down in bed. The paracetamol only works for a limited amount of time and I had to take a double dose of it, which I am sure I am not supposed to. The best thing I can do is ignore the pain and only take the paracetamol when I  go to sleep because that is when I most need it. I will finish the antibiotics and then revisit my GP. In the meantime, I will not google the symptoms and scare myself half silly. I have found that to be an exercise in frustration.
Sometimes it is good to loudly complain about something so that you yourself will realize that you have a problem that you need to do something about.
I had a nice enough Sunday because I was aware enough of the fact that nothing out of the ordinary needed to happen and could relax. Whatever did happen, would be icing on the cake, so when my friend M. dropped by for several cups of coffee, that turned out to be the icing. She was immediately smothered in love by both Tyke and Gandhi, but they did eventually give her the chance to drink her coffee. The animals are such social beings, but I think they are a reflection of me because I do like company.
I watched a couple of good art programs on my tablet while comfortably seated in my armchair and got wiser for watching them. I like how I get to pick and choose what I want to watch. There are also usually some good documentaries that will inform me and hold my attention and a political talk show or two. The possibilities are endless. When I live in Houston, I want to keep watching these programs from the Dutch television because I don't know if there is anything like them available where I will be then on American TV. I don't want to be starved for cultural and political input.
Drinking ice cold lemonade makes my sinuses feel better. The cold numbs them.


Rob-bear said...

Sorry that you have been in pain. If you've got a cold, that's a virus infection. So if the sinuses are giving you trouble, they probably come from th same virus infection. But antibiotics don't work on vidi, they work on bacteria. Unless the sinus problem is a secondary bacterial infection. (Really, this does make sense if you stop for a moment and think about it.)

Try some ice directly on the sinuses. (Put it in a cloth first, so it's doesn't feel too bad.)

Glad M came over, and glad she got such a wonderful reception. It's like she's becoming part of the household.

Blessings and Bear hugs!

Gail said...

Heal quickly.

The shows you watch can be found world wide so you should not have a problem.

The internet has made the world available at a touch of a finger.

Z said...

Please never take too much paracetamol again, it's dangerous and can damage your liver. If you need extra painkiller, you can add a different one, eg ibuprofen (which is anti-inflammatory too) or aspirin.

Do you like really hot curry? I find something with lots of chilli helps clear my sinuses. Or else ginger or horseradish, anything to bring tears to the eyes!