Friday, April 25, 2014

An experiment

Getting heart palpitations when I drink coffee, I now have to try to find out if I have to stop drinking it completely, or if I can have a cup a few times a day. I already tried to switch to tea, but I have to tell you that I turned into a very grouchy woman who you would not want to be around. I was obviously going through caffeine withdrawal. I ended up making a cup and a half in the coffeemaker and I very quickly became the nicest person you could imagine and so far my heart is behaving normally.
Maybe a cup and a half is my limit and I just can't drink it in the amounts that I was used to. Of course, I did that as a way to medicate myself into a better mood. I very much used the caffeine as an upper and needed it many times a day and lots of it. Now that the extra antidepressant is working so well, caffeine doesn't have to serve that purpose anymore. But I am glad that I seem to be able to drink a little coffee sometimes, because I really don't like tea nearly as much. A cup every once in a while is more than enough.
I must have been real set on buying new sneakers the other day because now, when I look at that bright green pair of them, I can't believe I bought those. When I walk down the street with Tyke, people look at my feet first before they look at my face. Maybe that is a good thing and I am a real trendsetter for women my age. I do have to be comfortable enough with myself to be able to wear them and really not give a hoot. I did tone down the rest of my outfit a bit. I didn't want to quite look like I was going to the carnival. But the sneakers are the most comfortable shoes I've got to wear and there is a lot to be said for that.


Rob-bear said...

OH, dear, Irene. Really; is there life after coffee? Life without coffee? You have my condolences on that. Of course, I rarely drink coffee. We have coffee at our church before morning worship; we're usually half way worship before I finish mine. Not sure what that says, but, well, that's me. That is the only time I drink coffee.

My worry, of course, is that a lack of coffee would make you so mellow you would float through the day without a care about anything. I think Tyke and Gandhi might think you a bit peculiar.

And with lime shoes, you are a trend-setter for sure! As long as they are not too "loud" or "flashy" for Tyke that he resists going for walks. (Actually, they probably look grey to him, so they don't bother him.)

Blessings and Bear hugs!

Friko said...

caffeine definitely gives me heart palpitations, I’ve had to give it up completely. Even decaf is not always safe.

As for green sneakers, go girl. I have red ones and I wear them happily. Who cares about age and decorum.

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

Try half-caff coffee, maybe that will help ease you off it?
Bright sneakers always make me smile when I see people wear them. Don't they make you happy?

Maggie May said...

I also have the same problem with palpitations if I drink too much tea. It is the caffeine I have been told.
So I drink decaff after a while or if I want to drink excessive amounts.
After a while, you will be able to know instinctively how much you can drink before the danger of palpitations.
It's not a good feeling when it happens, is it?
Maggie x

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