Friday, April 04, 2014

Farewell to old times

The headache from my sinus infection is slowly getting better, so I am glad about that. It does seem to bother me more during the day, but that must be because of the dry weather and the pollen count. I think lots of people are a bit bothered by that. All sorts of people are walking around with plugged up noses. In the meantime I just keep taking my antibiotics and have the fullest faith that they will help me. I expect to be all better by the time I have taken the last pill.
Yesterday afternoon I went to the knitting club with my friend M. It's a place she always goes to and she is a very proficient knitter. I had no idea what to knit and had bought no yarn and had no needles of my own, so I had to borrow a pair and dive into the box of left over yarn. I decided to knit a pair of potholders to help me get back into the swing of things and I am finding that to be a pleasant enough occupation. After I am done with these, I want to buy the yarn and the needles to make a pair of leg warmers because I know a person who would be very happy with them.
I enjoy knitting and can easily get hooked on it and I think I am already. It is much less straining to the eyes than doing needlepoint, which is something I used to do before my eyes went bad. Even wearing varifocals does not help that anymore. Knitting is a very meditative activity and it automatically makes you relax, providing you sit in a good chair, and it makes you forget everything around  you. Luckily, Gandhi has not discovered the yarn yet, so up to this point, I am safe.
Not a sensible thing can be said yet about the estrogen pills and if they work because I won't really know that until about a week from now. I want to say that they do, but that would all be in my imagination. I do take them with the greatest faith that they will and I think that this is half the work. If I didn't believe that, they really would not do their job. I took a tranquilizer yesterday afternoon, but then found out that I really should not have because it made me drowsy. It was a miscalculation. I really do not need the darn things.
I am having my ears looked after first thing this morning because they are plugged up and hurt. I have been putting ear drops in them to get them ready. It will be a joy to have that taken care of.  

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