Monday, April 21, 2014

Keeping my wits about me

After every chore that I do, I sit in my armchair and rest for a while with something to drink, but at least I am doing my chores now. For some of them, I do have to have a talk with myself beforehand or otherwise I can't quite get myself to do them. But sometimes it is just a matter of timing and what I can't achieve in the morning, I more easily do a few hours later in the afternoon. Even in one single day, my mood is unpredictable, so I very much live in the moment and try not to plan the whole day ahead of time.
Yesterday, I realized that I was suffering from a shortage of sleep and went back to bed at the end of the morning and slept another two hours. This did wonders for my mood and energy level, and it changed my whole outlook on the rest of the day. In this stage I am in now, I need more sleep than I usually get and I am not used to that yet and still get up too soon. I find it hard to stay in bed once I am awake, but should probably linger there a while longer in the off chance that I will sleep some more.
When you have a bipolar disorder, you always have to be extra vigilant and sensible. There is much that you can't take for granted and you have to be suspicious of any out of the ordinary behavior of yourself. That doesn't leave much room for spontaneity. Maybe it is because of my present mood that I am extra alert for that and things will not look that bad by next week.

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Rob-bear said...

I'm glad you are keeping your wits about you, Irene. I'd hate to be writing to a witless friend.

Most days it takes a lot of talking me into doing thing that need to be done. And lots of resting afterwards. Glad you got an extra couple of hours of sleep, too. Getting extra sleep is the one thing that helps keep me going when I'm living with the darker sides of depression.

Blessings and Bear hugs!