Saturday, April 05, 2014

That also matters...

Because of my headaches, that I think may not only be due to the sinus infection, I made an appointment with the ophthalmologist and I see him in a week and a half. I did last year have the beginning of cataracts, so I want to see how that condition is developing now and it would not surprise me if I needed stronger glasses because I am noticing some eye strain. I think if I do, I will not pick out a new frame, but have new lenses put in the one I already own and like best. I know I can't find one as nice (I think) at the optician's and maybe it will save me some money too. The insurance is not as generous as it used to be (if it ever was), so I have to wing my way around whatever costs as much as possible.
Much to my disgust, I woke up with night sweats and I had not expected that after taking the estrogen for three days, but maybe that is too much to ask for. I do suppose I have to be on it a little bit longer before I can expect real results. I tried to blame it on something I ate for dinner, but could find no real culprit, so I guess that is not the problem. I will just have to stop making stabs in the dark and start exercising patience and wait for the estrogen to start working. That is probably what most sensible people would do and I do wish to belong to them. I am, after all, just another ordinary human being.
The first potholder is almost done. I have to crochet a border around it to finish it off with a little loop to hang it on. I am already losing interest in knitting the second one and am more interested in moving on to my next project, which will be a pair of leg warmers for my daughter. Nevertheless, I am going to be a patient person and knit the second potholder. I still have to buy the yarn and the needles for the new project and don't yet know where to go to find the yarn in the color that I need. I may have to go downtown where the store with the best selection is. You do understand that these leg warmers have to turn out excellent and unique and likes ones that can't be found anywhere else.
The Exfactor will be here this morning and he will probably bring chocolate croissants to have with our coffee. That is turning out to be a bit of a tradition we have developed. I do not mind that one bit.


Rob-bear said...

Headaches are not fun at all. I'm wondering if their is a connection involving your eye condition, and the sharp eyes needed for knitting. Just a passing thought.

The thought of you and the Exfactor having chocolate croissants and coffee together sounds so sweet. Almost romantic. Almost.

Blessings and Bear hugs!

Wisewebwoman said...

I've always found knitting a meditative experience and I do love churning out goodies for friends and family.

Good luck with the eyes. I got the all clear recently and was so pleased.