Thursday, April 24, 2014

How things turn out sometimes

My appointment yesterday with my therapist went surprisingly well and it goes to show you that you should not go into things with too many preconceived ideas. I have to say that, since we are trying to cement our patient-therapist relationship for the third time, she continues to exceed my expectations and it may just be possible that this time we will make a success of it. I do have to say that I am doing my best too and am trying to leave past attitudes behind me. I approach her as if we are making a new start and I think she is doing the same thing. I don't know if she likes me, but I don't think that is necessary for the relationship to work.
I've got a bit of hay fever because we have very nice weather, and as a result I keep being hoarse during the day. That's supposed to sound sexy, but mostly it's a pain in the neck because you can't make yourself heard well. I also have a very dry mouth as a result of the extra antidepressant and constantly have to have something to drink handy or I can't talk properly. My tongue gets stuck to the roof of my mouth because of lack of lubrication.
I bought some bright green sneakers on the way to see my therapist because I discovered that the pair that I hade been wearing constantly had developed a hole in them. I found out online that the store close to me had all sorts of them on sale in all sorts of colors, but of course when I got there, there were none left in my size except for these bright green ones. I don't really mind because I like to wear colorful clothes and these will go with a lot of them.
My nose hurts where my glasses rest on them on one side and I tried to do without wearing them yesterday, but it was a total fiasco. I need them so often that I constantly had to put them on and off and looking into the distance wasn't all that much fun either. I constantly felt like I had to wipe something out of my right eye because of the astigmatism. Besides that, my face had that naked look that someone gets when they ought to be wearing their glasses. I just didn't look right. So now I just take a paracetamol when my nose bothers me too much.
I have an enormously calm day ahead of me after three rather busy days, and I am looking forward to it very much. Silence and serenity are good for me to recharge with at regular times. I need large doses of it. I am becoming an expert on myself now.

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Rob-bear said...

Gld to know that you are renewing your relationship with your therapist. The situation usually works well if people like each other.

Surprised you've got a horse along with Tyke and Gandhi. Where on earth would you keep a horse? OH! Excuse me. You've gotten hoarse in your voice (big difference). As long as Tyke and Gandhi understand you, anything else can wait.

If you're glasses don;t fit will, go back to the person/store from whom you purchased them. almost any of those businesses will help adjust the glasses to your face. I banged the arm of mine, so now they fit crooked, and I have a bit of trouble reading.

I hope you have a wonderfully restful day or two after being so busy. Rest is a good thing (as you well know)!

Blessings and Bear hugs!