Thursday, November 12, 2009

A nice cup of tea.

I'm having myself a nice cup of tea. Gold Tea from the triangular bag, and a few spoons of sugar in it. I was just outside with the dog and a cup of hot tea sounded like just the thing to heat up my cold body again. I need the sugar for my sluggish brain, of course. It must wake up and function properly after that nice nap I took late this afternoon. The tea is very good, but I need to make it hotter the next time so it will brew better. I will do that with the next cup.

Nothing exciting at all has happened today. The repairman came and I have heat and hot water again and that is very nice, but it isn't very exciting. I've let the day slip away from me. I filed my income taxes for 2008 on line and it was only a little bit complicated, and I checked my bank account balance to see that I was almost broke. That was not a nice surprise, but saved me the embarrassment of standing by the cash register in the grocery store with not enough money to pay for the groceries. A loan from my sister provided the solution and I will go shopping tomorrow.

I will have to cut down on the amount of books I send each month through Bookmooch, although right now I am in popular demand and stagger my books over monthly shipments as much as possible. So far I've given 21 books and I have to send 22, but I have to make different arrangements for some of them. I have mooched 46 books and am expecting 21 more. I am working on the 4th cubbyhole in my bookcase and they fill up rapidly. I didn't think that I would get so hooked on mooching books, but I am and I get real greedy when I see books that are on my wish list that are available. The only way to get books, is by giving books, although you always get more than you give. I just got the shipment ready for November and will send those off on the 22nd.

Mmm...that second cup of tea is just perfect. I let the water get hotter and let the teabag steep in it for a long time.I forgot how nice a cup of tea can be, especially in the evening. It warms you up and is so soothing. I also have rooibos tea and I will have that next. Actually, what I need now is a nice chocolate bar, but I'm unwilling to go to the store to buy it. I won't sacrifice that much for it. Going out in the cold and dark on my bike, I don't think so.

In order to free a cubbyhole in my bookcase, I have to straighten out some of my administration. I have miscellaneous papers laying there that either need to be filed or tossed out. So that's a little job that I will do this evening or tomorrow. They are the kind of papers I'm not sure of what to do with and I don't know if they need to be saved or what. Just to be on the safe side, I will save most of them, I think. I may come to regret it if I toss them out. I will get the old punch hole out and file them in a two ring folder.

If I'm smart, I'll wash my hair first before I do that, because it's kind of unruly right now and I don't want unruly hair. It's got too much hairspray in it, that's why. It's got kinks in it from me lying on it. I'll also put my pajamas on, so I'll be all ready for bed when the time comes. Then all I need to do is jump in the shower real quick in the morning before I go to creative therapy. Well, I better not jump. I may slip and break my neck.

I thought I was out of dog food and was ready to cook rice and bouillon for the dog, but then I found a can of dog food and he got lucky. I had the dried kind, but he pretends he doesn't eat that. I have a whole bag full of the stuff and Jesker refuses to eat it even though it's supposed to be good for him. He is a spoiled dog.

I'm awfully hungry myself and must scrounge around the kitchen for something edible. I'm sure I'll come up with something. I've been known to eat jars of jam. Maybe there is some chocolate powder left to make hot chocolate with. That sounds like a good idea.

Well, adios my friends, I'm off to wash my hair and to sort my paperwork. Have a good night or a good rest of the day. I'm hoping for a nice long night of sleep.



Babaloo said...

Oh, did you find the hot chocolate? I hope you did. Hot chocolate in the evening is great.

Glad you got hot water again. It's a necessity and you only know how much you need it when you don't have it readily available.

Oh, Jesker will eat the dry food. You just need to give him just that and nothing else. Be tough for a day or so. If he doesn't eat it straight away, offer it to him again later and if he doesn't want it, take it away. Same thing the next day. He will eat when he's hungry. (Just depends if you can be that strong willed and not let his poor puppy eyes break you...)

Have a good night and an equally good day tomorrow! xx

Stacie said...

I've been drinking tea everynight now for awhile. It really does help me sleep. Maybe Jesker would eat a mix of dried and wet food? I absolutely hate taxes!! I know you are happy they are done. have a good night!

Granny on the Web said...

Nowt like a good cuppa tay! we say oop north here in the UK.
Sorry if you can't pronounce this particular regional accent.

Love Granny

Gail said...

Sounds like a very wonderful way to spend an evening.

John M. Mora said...

Cheers from a train heading west. Rainy day and even windier.

Wind amazes me.

The Green Stone Woman said...

Granny, I can do that accent. Having been exposed to BBC television, I have heard it before. I do love the different ways British people speak and not like the Queen.

The Green Stone Woman said...

Stacie, I think I may get into this habit of drinking tea at night also, especially rooibos. I found it better than having a cup of coffee. I'm glad I got those taxes done. I just hope I did them right. I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

Friend of the Bear said...

Hi Nora. I really admire you for getting your taxes and paperwork sorted. These are things I find really difficult to deal with and so generally I don't - which is not the answer at all.

I think the idea of feeding Jesker a mixture of dried and wet food together is very good. He is a bit spoilt!

I too like redbush tea, but only in the evening. I need the caffeine boost too much during the day!

Best wishes,
Bearfriend xx