Thursday, November 26, 2009

Wasting time...

I went back to bed this morning and slept until 12:15 pm and it was so lovely. Wild horses couldn't have dragged me out of it and the animals slept there with me. That means I wasted half of the day, but who gives a darn, right? It was all for a good cause, because that's what sleep is to me and as a result, I feel fantastic. Like a newborn person. I feel I've been restored to good mental health. It means I only did a few measly jobs in the apartment, but I don´t feel bad about that and the day isn´t over yet. I still can empty the washing machine and hang up the laundry and put away the second load of dishes that I did. There´s time enough and I´m not tied down to a schedule, after all. There is no time clock that I have to punch my card into. I often forget that and think that with the coming of darkness my working hours stop, but there´s no rule that says it does and I can just keep on doing things as I please. How silly of me to think that I´m in a 9 to 5 paid position. I can do all the overtime I want and make up my own schedule. I remember scrubbing the kitchen floor late at night when my kids were babies. I can certainly hang up laundry at 6 pm. I think that´s an excellent idea.

On top of spending little time on the household as yet, the Exfactor came by for two cups of coffee, so I dropped what I was doing and we had a nice leisurely chat. I always do enjoy it when he comes by and he makes for good company. We didn´t have any complicated political or social discussion, but just talked about cows and calves as we say here and that was nice too. Sometimes we´re intellectuals and sometimes we´re just ordinary people. Well, intellectuals are just ordinary people too and I don´t really know how close we come. We may be outclassed by many others. Actually, I´m sure of it. We are just lightweights in the bigger scheme of things, but we do have our opinions and are well versed in them. If there´s one thing I appreciate, it´s a person with an opinion, even if it´s a different one than mine, as long as it´s not a narrow minded, bigoted one.

Oh my goodness, I had one slice of rye bread with three slices of salami and my gastric band is trying to deal with that, That may have been one slice of salami too many. It´s highly uncomfortable as the food is trying to get past he little opening that´s left by the band...there, I just threw ip the excess food and that action forced the rest of the food through the gastric band and now I feel better. What a relief. Sometimes I have to do that, because otherwise I sit here in agony. It feels like I´m going to upchuck everything and I don´t want to do that. Just a little bit is enough. I realize this is not a very appetizing subject, but it must be talked about when you discuss gastric bands and the evil that they do. I will be more careful with my next slice of rye bread. And now for a delicious glass of juice.

Oh, I see that it´s almost time to watch the news. Well, I mustn´t miss that. I´m completely out of the loop as it is. It´s also time to put on warmer clothes. Brrr...

Have a good night!



John M. Mora said...

happy thaksving you former yank, you

Maggie May said...

It is always good to get a good nights sleep when you haven't been getting any before. Groggy with sleep is a wonderful feeling.

Hope the gastric band coped with all the salami and bread that you had.

It is cold here & has been very stormy. Still raining.

Have a good night. X

Nuts in May

Friend of the Bear said...

Hi Nora. Glad you had some great sleep! I wish sleep could restore my mental health. I am getting into bed at or before 2am this week, and I do feel much better physically, which does help of course.

I know you find the band frustrating but it has been successful in the main I think. Part of its job is to be frustrating after all.

It has certainly been colder here the last couple of days. But this is the first cold of the winter and it is nearly the end of November so not too bad!

Best wishes,
Bearfriend xx

Gail said...

No time is wasted