Monday, November 09, 2009

I sang the blues.

I had the blues all weekend and basically did nothing much but take naps on the sofa. I had the computer turned off for long periods of time and fell asleep on the sofa continually watching sports, either football or speed skating. Every once in a while there was a program on that caught my attention and for which I managed to stay awake, but mostly I slept and when I say I had the blues, I mean I really didn't feel like doing anything at all. I even thought about giving up blogging. My own mind was trying to trick me into thinking that nothing I did had any value at all and that I might as well quit doing anything and just play dead.

I never write that I'm having the blues while I'm having them, because it would mean that I'm giving into them and I don't want to do that, so yesterday I was incapable of writing a post. I would have written one lament after the other and it would have been a very depressing piece of writing. Yesterday, I decided, was a lost day and I don't mourn for it one bit. Apparently I needed a large time out of doing absolutely nothing and I wasted almost every minute of it. I did a few useful things such as walk the dog and put out the trash, but that is about it.

I am very busy while I sleep at night. I have the most interesting dreams in which I work out all sorts of issues from my past having to do with all sorts of people that belong there.They are not bad dreams, but like whole movies that take place in my head and very intricate and I'm sorry when I wake up and the dream stops. I try to go back to sleep and land in the dream where I left off. I'm constantly redeemed in my dreams and very happy and I'm always setting things right and making pleasant discoveries and all the symbolism is clear to me. I feel very lucky when I dream like this and it makes going to sleep a pleasure.

Now, however, it is Monday morning and time to get into the regular rhythm of life again. I have creative therapy this morning and an appointment with my psychiatrist and my SPN this afternoon. For creative therapy, I think I will get the painting that I'm working on on Wednesdays and work on it today, otherwise I will not get it done on time. I will start a smaller project on Wednesdays and work on the painting on Mondays and Fridays. All the classes stop on December the 1st or thereabouts. It's a shame, but that's the way it is. There's nothing anyone can do to change it. Upper management decides these things. It's a terrible thing when management, instead of health carers, decides the course of things for patients.

My dog is so sweet, the way he is lying at my feet, so innocent in his sleep. It makes your heart melt just to look at him. I can get so sentimental about him. Thank goodness that I allow myself to get sentimental about something. I so very rarely do nowadays. That's why, when you live alone, you need an animal in your life. It's really good for those stray feelings of love and affection and it's good to be responsible for something beside yourself.

Lately I've been listening to music again. I've been using the Real Player on which I have stored all of my own music. It's handy, because I just play whatever music I'm in the mood for and I have all kinds. I also have music that I loaned from the library, so I have extra choice. I have good speakers to go with the computer so it really is a pleasure to listen to it. I must say, that when it comes to material things, I came through the divorce well, because I got to keep almost everything and what I didn't, I don't miss. In the meantime, The Exfactor has managed to replace all the items he left behind and then some. I would have really missed the computer if I hadn't been able to keep it and the Exfactor has a laptop and a PC now.

I was very lucky in that we had just refurbished the living room and everything was new or repainted and when I imagine that while we were doing this the Exfactor was having an affair, I have to laugh, because that explains the reason why he was so co-operative. If I hadn't been so naive I would have figured it out sooner. Oh well, water under the bridge now. In the end I did and that's the most important thing. I did get a nice living room and that is important to me. I mustn't think about it being left undone and having to fix it up all by myself. Horrors!

I remember when the Exfactor officially left and I walked through the apartment and touched everything and said to myself, "This is mine now, all mine." It was especially important to get my own name on the mailbox and I'll never forget the day that it was. Those were very special moments. It was my emancipation and for the first time in my life I was really free. I do have the Exfactor and his affair to thank for that. He did me no small favor. For as badly shaken up as I was at first, I sure took it well when it came down to divorcing him. That was one of the best things I ever did. The liberation of me. And I got to keep the dog too!

Well, it's time to get the day started. I have to feed the dog and walk him and do numerous other things. At least the blues are gone now.

Have a nice day!



Maggie May said...

Sorry to hear yesterday was not a good day for you. Hope today will reverse all that.

I slept like a log last night. Head hit the pillow..... then it was morning & I still haven't looked out of the window to see what kind of day it is.
Back to work today!

Hugs my friend X

Nuts in May

Granny on the Web said...

So glad to hear the blues have gone. I think we all need a break from life and a good laze and lots of nothing much to do for a few hours can restore your mind.
Well done on your viewpoint of the divorce, you seem to have been the winner here!!! Own name on the mailbox Eh? can't get better than that.
Have a great day, look forward to more posts.
Love Granny

Babaloo said...

Oh, how I know those bluesy days well. Been having a few of those lately myself. I think it's the weather and the little sunlight we get these days.

You have a busy day ahead of you today, so I hope that helps banish the blues.


Gail said...

The Blues have left the building and the whole day lies ahead...Have a great one!

Gail said...

The Blues have left the building and the whole day lies ahead...Have a great one!

John M. Mora said...

My best...less light is hard on many.

laurie said...

i do admire you, irene. you keep so in tune with yourself, and make constant adjustments. that's hard to do. and i'm very glad the blues are gone. they come and they go. and it's important to remember that they do eventually go.

VioletSky said...

I love the idea of you walking around the apartment touching everything, saying "this is mine now, all mine."!!

word verification is "levens"

The Green Stone Woman said...

Granny on the Web, I think it is sleep more than anything that restores my mind to me. If I do enough of it, I always find my way back to normal somehow. It's a great healer and I recommend it highly. More posts coming up!

Wisewebwoman said...

We all need the downdays so we can appreciate the good ones.
I'm glad you're up and attem again my dear!

Wildernesschic said...

I so know where you are coming from .. I have spent many days just doing that .. dog with me and sofa lying without will or desire for anything. I am not alone I have a husband and two wonderful boys so , all more difficult to understand. I know what you mean about sleep and sorting out your life
Once i was in withdrawl from one drug and placed on another the new drug made me almost re live my life .. I now know and understand my triggers and try to avoid them, the main one I cant I have to see her once a fortnight and today I am suffering but coping .. I am glad you are better today . It is strangely comforting to hear that someone else is the same although I do not wish it on you xxx

The Green Stone Woman said...

Wilderness Chic, you are not alone out there. Take some comfort in that. It's terrible when all you can do is lay on the sofa and sleep, but there's a reason for that, it means you're all used up and need your rest. Depression is a hard thing to battle, it's tougher than a broken leg. You can't put a cast on a broken soul. Hang in there and know your not alone. We are there too for you to help you. Could you send me your email address so I can reply directly to your comments?

frazzledsugarplummum said...

Got to keep the dog too.

The Green Stone Woman said...

Frazzled. oh yes, I'll always keep the dog. If not this dog, then another one, but always a dog.