Monday, July 29, 2013


Yesterday for dinner, I totally overdosed on grilled cheese sandwiches. I could not get enough of them and ate them until I was practically bursting. I don't know where this sudden passion for them came from, but I have always been fond of them, although I have never taken eating them to this extreme.
I do have to say that it was a completely enjoyable experience and that I hardly regret it, except that it has made me very thirsty and that now I am drinking one tall glass of ice cold lemonade after the other.  But, of course, that is very enjoyable too, because what could a nicer way to quench my thirst, except for ice cold milk, which I don't have and which would upset my stomach.
Yesterday, when my friends were here, they told me they wanted to give me the money to get Tyke's fur trimmed, because they knew I didn't have it and that it was necessary that it got done. I certainly thought that was a kind thing to offer to do and I didn't turn them down. I can now call the dog salon in the morning and make an appointment. That is a great relief to me and it will be a relief to Tyke as well when he has been trimmed.
I got the final papers in the mail for the change over to my new bank and everything should be finalized on the 6th of August when I will start using my new bank account. I always thought it was a major undertaking to change banks, but so far it hasn't been too much of a problem. All the automatic deposits and withdrawals will be taken care of.
I fell asleep on top of the duvet last night. I was too warm to get under it. It doesn't cool off too much at night and feels like it does on a pleasant summer day. I haven't had the need for my bathrobe when I get up in quite a while.
Today I have to see the orthopedic surgeon and no doubt he will be happy with my progress, because I am walking around quite normally. But then again, that is about all I can do with my knee. I can't play football yet.  


Gail said...

I am so glad you are healing quickly and properly.

VioletSky said...

haha, could you ever play football? I mean beyond kicking a ball aimlessly?!
Glad to hear it is healing so nicely, though.
There is nothing quite like a new hairdo to make one feel alive again, so hope Tyke likes his.