Monday, July 08, 2013

That really tasted good!

Because my ex was such a good sport and helped my brother in law lay the laminated floor right after he came back from his vacation, he and my sister took the both of us out for dinner last night. It had been a hot day and we were looking forward to sitting outside by the restaurant and catching a bit of a cool breeze, and my sister called up and made a reservation for a table out on the patio.
It was a Spanish restaurant, that I had never heard of, in a village not too far from here and the name of it was "La Barcaloneta." The name alone promised something very good. It was famous for its tapas and that is what we had. It was recommended that we have the surprise of the evening, so we would not know ahead of time what was coming.
After we ordered our drinks, the tapas, at a reasonable rate with short intervals, started appearing and I have to tell you that that they were indeed a surprise and exceptionally good. Anything that you can think of under the sun was imaginatively prepared and eaten with pleasure by us. We kept saying to each other: "Well, that has to be the end of it," and then another dish would appear.
We finally had to put an end to it because we were stuffed and then we were asked if we wanted dessert, and I said I did, and so the others agreed to that. Some time later, a huge plate arrived with a variety of desserts on it and we all dug in with our spoons. It was so heavenly, that we cleaned off that plate in the shortest amount of time and only decorum prevented us from asking for another one.
You can also eat paella at this restaurant, but if you want to, you have to give them fair notice so they can fix the dish on time. It really is prepared simply and solely for you and your dinner party to eat. I think I would like to try that some day and I hope there will be a reason to some time soon.
When we came home finally, after several hours of leisurely eating, my ex and I were both ready to go to sleep. I personally slept like a baby and my ex is still asleep now. I think I won't have to eat breakfast and might be ready sometime later today to eat a small lunch. My stomach is very happy.

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Rob-bear said...

Wow! You had quite the meal. There are so many things I haven't tried.

One thing I did try was making scones tonight. A new recipe. I changed a couple of things, but it all worked out. I should have let them cook a bit longer, that's all.

The weather is summery, warm and a bit humid. The flooding appears to have passed, though people in some other places have a very large amount of cleaning up to do.

I hope you are staying well. Recent tests of my Pancreas have been inconclusive.

Blessings and Bear hugs!
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