Sunday, July 28, 2013

When my Sunday is cloudy.

Much to my delight, it is cloudy today and cooler than it has been. I have all the windows open and the fan turned on, and now it really makes a difference and the animals are luxuriating in the coolness of the breeze. I stuck a book under the backside of the fan so that it is pointing a bit more downward and I think both Tyke and Gandhi appreciate that very much.
It has cooled down so much that I had to cover my arms and shoulders with a lightweight summer jacket when I walked Tyke, although I do think I am exaggerating a little bit. I probably could have stood the temperature, but I like to be comfortable at all times. Three drops of rain fell on us when we were out there, but then nothing else happened, so it was a false alarm.
I was up early this morning and used that opportunity to do my chores, of which there were several that I neglected to do yesterday for some reason. I think that yesterday I did not have my ducks in a row as well as I do today, but I have no idea why that was so. Oh yes, I do know. I took a tranquilizer earlier today because I felt the need for one, and now I feel amazingly calm and collected.
Maybe I should do that more often. I will try it again tomorrow and see how much I like it and discuss this option with my psychiatrist. Unbeknown to me, I was possibly walking around with a bit more stress than I was aware of. It does make quite a bit of difference in the way I deal with the day and the things that take place in it. They are much easier to deal with.
In a while, some friends of mine are going to come over for a visit. They are a couple I have known for ages. I was, of course, unable to go to the shop to buy something good to go with the coffee, but I was told they were on a diet anyway. So am I, so I guess that turns out to be a good thing all around. I would have liked a good excuse to have some little cakes with whipped cream, but it is not to be.
I'm afraid that the sun is starting to come out and that is not at all what I want. I'll have to close the blinds before it becomes too bright. Tyke is very lazily lying at my feet in dreamland. I think it is his day off today.


Friko said...

I am very glad to be able to report that the heat is broken over here. Some respite until the middle of next week.

I find it hard to do anything when the temperatures are high.

VioletSky said...

yay! Our heat has broken here - or at least the humidity has. it is still quite warm, but pleasantly so. Yesterday a friend and I were out and she had a light sweater with her which she regretted carrying, until during coffee and dessert on the patio when it got cool enough to be glad of it!