Thursday, July 18, 2013

What Tyke's problem was.

I took Tyke to the vet this afternoon after I had taken care of numerous other things. I was worried about getting him over there even though the vet is just two streets over from here. Tyke had been so reluctant to walk that I thought we might not make it over there, but when the time came, he did slowly but surely manage to get there. It just took a while.
The vet thoroughly examined him and it turned out that Tyke has a hernia in his lower back that also affects his hind legs and makes it painful for him to move. That is why he was basically just lying around in one place and not going anywhere. It is also why he lost all interest in his food and seemed so depressed.
The vet said that this problem was often seen in dogs that had short legs and dogs that were overweight, which are two conditions that Tyke has. Since his chemical castration he has gained quite some weight and I did not take that into consideration when I fed him. I was basically just spoiling him and not being as strict with him when it came to healthy eating habits as it came to myself.
The vet gave him an injection for the pain and gave me medication that I will start giving him tomorrow. The most important thing is that Tyke has to lose weight and he gave me a bag of food that Tyke has to eat from now on and nothing else. There will be no more in between treats and whatever he leaves in the bowl after he has eaten, I have to put back in the bag of food. There will be no more grazing.
From being almost unable to move, Tyke improved quite a bit and I was able to take him for almost a normal walk in the evening. I think that injection for the pain helped him a lot. He finally ate and drank some water and started showing more interest in his surroundings. Just now he even managed to get on the sofa and look out the window and I was surprised that he did. I still don't know how he got up there.
I had been very worried about him and could not figure out what was wrong with him and imagined all sorts of ailments. Now I am glad that it is just a hernia, because it is manageable. I was glad that he showed a little more spunk tonight, because a depressed dog in pain is not such a happy thing to see.  I want Tyke to be feisty and show a little willpower. That's what makes him so much fun.


Anonymous said...

That's good news to know what's been wrong with Tyke. Not giving the extra treats and changing his eating habits will be a hard one. I know with myself whenever I'm eating my Cassie (miniture poodle) is right beside me waiting for something to drop.

Maggie May said...

At least you know what the problem is and that you can help the situation by encouraging him to lose weight. Hoping things will improve.
It is amazing how things all seem to go wrong together, but I'm glad there is a remedy for the current problems.
Hoping that you both get put right very soon.
Maggie x

Nuts in May