Saturday, July 20, 2013

Some excitement helps.

There's no doubt that when you write a post about ordinary, every day things, that lack a certain amount of excitement, your stats drop. With this I make the confession that I check my stats every day and am always pleased when they peak. I do look to see what subject I posted about that made this happen and try for a repeat performance, but I am not always able to pull it off. Sometimes I have to write about something very dull, because that is what my day looked like.
Right now, I've got one heck of a pain in my knee and I am glad that I will be operated on on Monday and that in a short time after that I should be without pain. Now it always feels like I have been kicked there during a football match and not only that, I am constantly in danger of placing it in the wrong position and having it lock up again.
I will very heroically ignore the pain and try to concentrate on something completely different.
When I was a kid, my father installed heating systems in existing houses and always had to get in the shallow crawl spaces of them. This is where all of the copper pipes had to go that led from one room to the other. Because of this work in, very often, damp and cold circumstances, he developed a bad knee that used to bother him something awful.
Because this bad knee was considered a hazard of the job, my father made a copper band that fit around his knee in the believe that was popular then, that the copper had healing qualities. I don't think that he even saw a doctor for his problem, or that a doctor could have done much for him, except to tell him to stop doing that kind of work, which was impossible. My father had not been educated to do anything else.
I do now wonder what was wrong with his knee and if something could have been done about it. No doubt if he had lived in these modern times, something would have. People did not very quickly go to the doctor back then, but relied on home remedies that did or did not help them. There were, of course, a lot of old wife's tales that would not hold up in court today.


Gail said...

There are many treatments that they are circling around to again. I think it goes in cycles.

Good fortune with your surgery. Heal quickly.

Maggie May said...

Glad you're having the surgery on Monday. That was very much quicker than you'd get here!!!!!
Makes you wonder if your father's knee problem was in any way related to yours.
I also went down the *copper* route for arthritis but don't think it had much bearing on the pain when I come to think about it.
Maggie x

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