Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Gourmet tastes.

My ex and I have been eating new herring filets on freshly baked, crusty rolls with thinly sliced onions, and he bought so many of them that we had them two days in a row. After that, I felt that I had had my share of herring for this year and I don't need to eat it again for a while, much as I enjoyed it. Personally, I am ready for some good, thick salmon moats and I have to try and talk the Exfactor into going to the open air market to buy some. Maybe if I promise to have him over for dinner when I fix them, he will agree to that.
Tomorrow night, we are going out for Indonesian food, because my ex is in the mood for some Bami Goreng. That's too ordinary for me and I am going to pick something completely different from the menu, although I have no idea what yet and am going to let myself be surprised by what is available. I feel like eating many vegetables drenched in some delicious sauce that is just a bit spicy over lots of rice, but I may eat something else depending on what's on the menu and what mood I am in. I do want it to be more than any old experience.
I was going to make my famous shrimp salad, the recipe of which I got from the mother of my ex, but  I will not have the chance to fix it now. He does get the chance to eat it in the States because one of his nieces fixes it, although he says she does not get it quite right. It is a delicious salad that also has green chilies and olives and chopped onions in it, but it is a bit of a job to get all of the ingredients together and get the proportions just right and to find the right mayonnaise, otherwise it will not taste good.
I overindulged in the chocolate my ex brought back from his two week trip, although I told myself I would be wise and eat a little every once in a while. But you know how it is, once you start eating it, you can hardly stop yourself and since I never have it in the apartment, I did go slightly crazy. I ate it in two sittings while my ex was out in the evening helping my brother in law with the final touches to the new house. Needless to say, these large amounts of chocolate have given me night sweats and heart palpitations, but that is my own fault because I knew they would. I have little self control when it comes to that.
I will have to eat very healthy and sensibly after my ex is gone, because I am sure that I gained a couple of pounds. I will not go on the scale to find out how much, because that would be too discouraging. I will just have to be patient and watch my love handles disappear. That means no mayonnaise on my sandwiches, but good old organic, diet margarine.

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Maggie May said...

I know only too well what it is like overindulging on chocolate! I cannot help it!
Herrings are supposed to be particularly good for you. Oily fish and all that.
Love the sound of the shrimp salad.
Maggie x

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