Saturday, July 27, 2013

That's how you solve that.

I was trying to visit Facebook, but when I tried to load the page, things moved awfully slow to the point of an almost complete stand still. After some frustrating minutes, I decided that I must have cookies and other sorts of nastiness and I ran the CCleaner, which removed a bunch of junk. I also restarted the computer, and much to my relief, these two measures solved my problem and I could get on with what I wanted to do. The other benefit was, that I then could drink my cup of coffee in peace and quiet.
The nice thing about today is that it is Saturday and that the rerun of one of my favorite TV programs will be on. Unfortunately, it is also the final episode, but I can't miss it because I did last Wednesday night when I went to bed early. There are not many programs that I am hooked on and this is one of the few ones that gets close. It is called, "Holland Bakes" and is a wonderful amateur baking competition that makes me want to get into the kitchen and bake everything under the sun myself, but especially brownies.
I had gained some weight while I was out of commission with my disabled knee, and also because I had eaten things that were not smart to eat, but I went on the bathroom scale a while ago and saw that the weight is already coming off again. I am not overly concerned about carrying some extra weight, but I don't want it to get out of hand and have it get to the point of no return. I only have healthy food in the apartment now and no chance of indulging in all sorts of cravings. Of course, when my American ex was here I didn't stick to a sensible way of eating either and indulged in many foods I normally would not have.
The place where that spider bit me in the bottom of my foot is slow in healing and I still need to keep a Band-Aid on it. I suppose I should put that antibiotic ointment on it that I have. Maybe that will help heal it more quickly.   


Z said...

I found that losing weight really helped my bad hip. But now, like you, it's a matter of eating sensibly and not worrying about it and if I put on the odd pound or two, it drops away when I stop munching.

Maggie May said...

The main thing is not to continue eating the bad things. Easier said than done as I know from experience.
I'm sure when you get back to your full walking programme with Tyke, that your weight will get back to normal.
Maggie x

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