Friday, July 26, 2013

Over the moon...

It has not escaped my attention that recently there was a full moon, but contrary to my expectations, I did not react oddly to it, meaning I did not become a lunatic. I have thought in the past, when I was caught quite unawares, that I was affected by the full moon, but it must have been a coincidence that I was somewhat off kilter then. Maybe it is an old wife's tale that people are, and the full moon has very little effect on people's emotions. Maybe we only imagine that it does and we look for evidence that is not really there.
Not having anything to do with the full moon at all, I looked at the cash register receipt of the supermarket and realized that I have to make the groceries last longer than a week. I do very optimistically stack my sandwiches with cheese and lunchmeat like I am a wealthy American and there is no end to the supply. That means that Dutch frugality has not gotten much of a hold of me yet.
I do want to really taste something when I bite into my sandwich. I want it to be a rewarding experience and really make an impression on my taste buds. I try my sandwiches with mayonnaise, and mustard, and organic margarine, depending on my mood. The organic margarine comes close to tasting like butter and is very pleasant to eat in combination with the cheese and lunchmeat. Butter does not settle into my stomach well at all and I am surprised that I can eat the cheese, being lactose intolerant. I think I do suffer for it a bit, but not bad enough to stop eating it. I do need some amount of calcium.
I stopped giving Tyke the pain medication for his hernia today, because I want to see how well he does without it. He seemed alright on his walk this morning, but I think I have to wait to see how he does the rest of the day. It may be a too optimistic try and he may still need it.
I have got to make a sandwich now and watch some German television for my daily language lesson. It is working because I am learning new words every day.


Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

How many languages do you speak? I know a guy who taught himself Spanish by watching TV...

Friko said...

I think it’s quite amusing to become moonstruck, provided it’s not too silly, and one starts howling at the moon like a dog.

Have you thought of adding herby and spicy salady things to your sandwiches? I find sandwiches terribly boring and I always need something to make bread interesting.

Glad to see your knee is not bothering you too much. Get well soon.