Monday, July 01, 2013

Never mind that....

I find that not one day is not like the other and that you can not predict what any day in your life is going to be like, although I used to think until quite recently that I had some control over that. But then I used to think that I had control over all kinds of things, and I have come to find out that this is not true at all.
You can not predict what any day is going to look like, and as much as you would like to plan for it, it really can't be done, because the day unfolds as it will and you have to be flexible enough to accept that and not take it personally.
You can plan a few chores and hope you get one or two of them done, and you can go to an appointment that you had made, but the rest is completely up in the air. You can not predict any of it. None of what happens in the day is what you think you may have anticipated. No activity, or mood, or schedule will be like anything you thought it was going to be, so you may as well give up and stop trying to make plans the night before.
Of course, it makes you feel a bit insecure if you don't have a lot of these things planned ahead of time down to the very minute, but I tell you, it's no use. You can't predict your own reactions to the events that take place, or the nature of the events, nor the timing of them. You can't even predict the way your animals are gong to behave, or if they are going to like their food that day or not, and how often you are going to have to walk your dog.
Nothing at all is predictable, not even the tiniest of details, and every day is a brand new experience that has never taken place before and that has hardly any relationship to anything that has happened before. You can only draw on your past experiences up to a point. You have to learn almost everything all over again every day.
This is teaching me not to make absolute statements and to not be so convinced of my own opinions and my own convictions. When I say something is so, I am proved wrong the next day and I realize that I should not have been so sure of myself. I know I come to this knowledge late, but I am a late bloomer and I am finding out a lot of things later in life. I may have known them before, but have forgotten all about them. I am starting my second or third life after all.  


Maggie May said...

No..... its true. You cannot ever take anything for granted.
It is the hardest thing to live for the day but that seems to be the best way to tackle things.
Anyway, hoping things are not going wrong for you. I will look at some of your older posts and see if I've missed anything.
Maggie x

Nuts in May

Gail said...

And that is what makes life so exciting. If it were predictable think how boring that would be.

Enjoy the surprises.

Wisewebwoman said...

Unpredictable, that is life alright. Powerless over our next breaths is how I see it.


Friko said...

In broad outline I usually know what's happening the next day. We live deep in the countryside and the options for change or excitement are pretty limited.

I get bored because I know exactly what the new day will bring but, of course, sooner or later something will happen which proves me wrong.

I really shouldn’t get bored but be grateful if nothing nasty comes and hits me between the eyes.

LC said...

I found you via Friko's World. Before my stroke more than 2 years ago, I would have said the specifics of my week and the big events of my year were set.

The unexpected as well as routine was an "expected" part of my work. I liked the variety and excitement, and the necessary routine was aggravating but never boring.

Early in the 34 days I was hospitalized post-stroke, I realized I had little control over things I had previously taken for granted: my time, my "stuff," my body.

I am better now but still working on recovery. I can influence my schedule but control is a thing of the past. It took me awhile, but I am okay with that--most of the time. I am just thankful that I am alive. Every day is a gift.