Thursday, July 11, 2013


It's time for my ex to go home, because every day he comes back to the apartment from his daily outing with decadent foods that he has bought at the store on his way back from downtown. There is always something he has bought with me in mind and that is full of calories and that he knows I can't resist. Of course I should have the willpower to, but I do appreciate the gesture and don't want to make him feel bad by saying that he ought not to do this. I also know that this is just a temporary circumstance and that I am going back to my normal diet within the shortest amount of time.
He is actually leaving on Friday and I will have my space back to myself. I do feel good about that, because I do appreciate some amount of solitude and being able to live my life on my own particular schedule. He has been an excellent guest, however, and has been great company, and I couldn't have asked for a better. He will be back next year for a longer period of time, but I will have to set some rules about the food that gets brought into the apartment. There is not to be this cornucopia of everything that tastes good but is bad for you.
Last night we went out for Chinese/Indonesian food at the restaurant that is within walking distance of the apartment. I wanted to have a very leisurely meal, because I knew that there was always more food served than you could eat and it was better if you took your time and savored the dishes that are kept warm on a hot plate. I tried to explain this to my ex, but he very enthusiastically ordered a number of items from the menu, which I knew would be too much to eat, and when the first of them appeared on the table, he dug in with much gusto.
I had ordered a little more carefully, which turned out to be a good thing. I was able to eat most of my meal, which consisted of Indonesian rice, big deep fried shrimp in a delicious sauce, and wonderfully prepared chunks of pork swimming in their own sauce. I took the sauce of the shrimp, which had ginger in it, and drizzled it over my rice of which I ate everything. My ex tried very hard to eat all of his food, but didn't manage it and had to ask to have most of it put in a doggie bag. He will have fun with that at lunchtime.
I have had my fill of this kind of food for a while and don't have to eat it again for a long time. I think it is something you have to get out of your system every now and then. I would not want to eat it regularly like some people do, because it is a form of gluttony and not very refined. It would be different if it were pure Indonesian food, but this had too many elements of Chinese foods in it that are adapted to Dutch tastes and is eaten for the sheer volume of it. I know that Chinese people at home do not eat like this.


VioletSky said...

I suppose there is that tendency to go a little overboard when one is on holiday... with him forgetting that YOU are not on holiday!

Gail said...

Sounds like a wonderful visit and one to be relished again next year.