Sunday, July 21, 2013

Because I have to...

Earlier in the week, I sent away for some literature from the Rheumatism Fund, and it arrived in the mail yesterday. Today I have to sit down and read it thoroughly and apply whatever good tips are in it to myself. One of the booklets I got is how to move best in your daily life when you have osteoarthritis. Because I have a bad shoulder, I avoid doing anything too painful with it, but I know you should not stop from using it altogether because you have to keep those muscles strong.
A bad shoulder is one more thing my sister and I have in common and it causes us the same problems down our arms and in our elbows and hands.. In this way we exchange information and helpful knowledge. My sister is at the moment getting physical therapy twice a week for her shoulder, but because I don't have that in my insurance package, I am going to have to work it out on my own, which I think I will be able to do with the help from the literature I got.
It really is true that your body becomes more decrepit the older you get and that is reason to take very good care of it and to find out about whatever is not working right as much as possible. It certainly is not my intention to become victim to my ailments. I do not like not being able to do whatever I intent to do, or to be dependent on other people. I am very appreciative of the fact that I have a domestic help who does all the big household chores, but at least our relationship is clear and her job is well defined.
I have decided not to stay with my sister after I have had the surgery to my knee, but to go home instead. Tyke will be with the Exfactor, so I will not have to take care of him. I will like being home better in my own surroundings and I should only be slightly handicapped for a day or so. I will be on crutches and be able to get around that way if necessary.
I do not like being in other people's houses for extended periods of time, especially not if I am in some way impaired. Besides, I would only be able to sleep on their sofa, because the bedrooms are upstairs and I would not be able to get up there. Knowing my back, sleeping on the sofa would not be very comfortable.
It's time to get the day started with one more cup of coffee. It is getting light outside and I will open the blinds and watch the sun come up.


Z said...

Cycling helped my arthritic hip, but walking really didn't. It's a matter of the right sort of exercise, isn't it? Good luck with the operation tomorrow, hope you make a quick recovery.

Wisewebwoman said...

Good luck and good healing to you Irene, I will think of you.

Maggie May said...

I find the exercises from my physio (only went twice!) really do help and I keep walking regularly. I do things in the house & garden until I feel bad pain, then I rest awhile.
Never overdo things and always little & often.
Good luck with tomorrow.
There is nothing like your own home but have someone in everyday to check on you.
Maggie x

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