Tuesday, July 30, 2013

They also exist.

I had a very pleasant domestic help here today who was able to carry on a decent conversation when we had a cup of coffee, and who also liked Tyke and Gandhi very much and the feelings were mutual. Since I am without a steady domestic help, I have had various different ones every week, but the one I had today can come back more often if she wants. She did the work at an easy pace and got everything done within the allotted time. The most important thing was that she did not make me feel nervous while she moved around the apartment.
Although I have recovered from the surgery on my meniscus well, it does seem to have made some impact on me emotionally and for the last three afternoons, I have had to take a low dose of a tranquilizer so that I will be a bit more relaxed. I feel the edge of stress building up and it is not pleasant, but unproductive and bothersome. When the tranquilizer starts to work, I feel a lot of calm and peace of mind and I feel that I can be much more sensibly occupied.
This afternoon, I visited my new bank account and have already memorized my new codes to get into it and use my bank card. I thought that might be a bit of a problem, but it turned out not to be. My brain is still capable of taking it in. It is fun to be in a new virtual environment and to find out how it works, and really, it is all quite logical. There is not much that can go wrong.
I entered the information for the periodic payments that need to be made and it was a piece of cake. Anyone could have done it. I also looked at some of the projects the bank invests in and I must say that they please me very well. I also myself have the opportunity to invest with a low monthly starting amount, but I have to be financially a bit more comfortable before I do. I will try to in the near future. I think I did the right thing by going with this bank and I am pleased about my decision.
I can't believe how quickly the afternoon went by. It feels like I just not too long ago walked Tyke at noontime. It's been such pleasant weather all day with clouds and a cool breeze and none of that hot sunshine. Unfortunately, in two day's time, it's going to be hot again. Woe is me.


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Wisewebwoman said...

Nothing like an organized clean home to make one feel competent and grown-up.

I can't do it alone either.