Sunday, June 16, 2013

The shape of things.

After imbibing in painkillers and 'screwdrivers' last night, I finally went to bed  with my tightly wrapped knee and went into a coma the moment my head hit the pillow. I must say, that was the nicest experience and prevented me from feeling any discomfort. I slept until the sun had already been up for a while and the day had properly started without me witnessing the coming of dawn like I usually do.
Last night, my knee made a popping sound a couple of times and I think that's when it became unlocked and I am a lot more comfortable now and can put weight on it. I won't be running any marathons, but getting around the apartment well is more than I had hoped for.
The leg of my tight jeans was cut open in the emergency room because I could not get them off without suffering considerable pain, but my ex promised me a new pair. That will be something I will be shopping for soon when I get back to normal. It's a terrible thing to see someone take a big pair of scissors to your favorite jeans, but there was no other solution. I will toss them into the garbage today
I am waiting for my ex to wake up so I can make a little more noise than I do now. The apartment is small and I'm afraid that the least little sound is going to wake him out of a deep sleep. I would love to take Tyke for a walk, but I know that is a foolish idea and that my ex will have to do it. Because Tyke has bonded so well with him, that is not the least problem and my ex does it gladly. Gandhi has fallen in love with him also and sits on his lap at every opportunity she gets and purrs loudly.
I think I will make an attempt at doing the dishes. That may turn out to be a foolhardy idea, but I can try.  

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Maggie May said...

That sounds like a terrible injury and I do hope that it recovers very soon.
Maggie x

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