Saturday, June 08, 2013

Successfully sleeping...

I never knew a cup of coffee could taste so good! I kid you not, and that is because I slept almost nine hours last night and that's the longest I've slept in an awful long time. So you can bet on it that I was more than ready this morning for a dose of caffeine.
I must say that I woke up in a very good mood and with a glad heart opened up the blinds in the living room to let the daylight in. I was eager to start the day and the day is not going to disappoint me, because there is a bright blue sky and sunshine all around. What more could I ask for?
It is awfully nice when something works out as planned and you can bet that I am going to stick to this success formula. There will be no more getting up during the night, staring at a bright computer screen, fooling my brain into wakefulness. I certainly am glad that in the process of getting older, I also get wiser. I must say though, that I wish getting wiser would happen a little quicker. It sure would come in handy.
I have to rewrap the pressure bandage around my knee, because it has slowly slipped down my leg and is not doing me a heck of a lot of good right now and I do notice the difference. I hope I can rewrap it as successfully as it was done in the first place, but I am counting on my creative skills that normally do not let me down. No doubt I will do a fine job of it and if not, I can redo it until I get it right.
Tyke is snoring his little heart out on the sofa, because he is not used to this schedule. I do vaguely remember him barking during the night, but I was too sleepy to react to it much. I figured that he was doing his duty as guard dog. Whoever had a mind to break in, sure changed their mind when they heard his fierce bark. He does sound like a much bigger and more dangerous dog than he is, although I would not tempt my fate with him.
Gandhi is sitting very Zen like on the dining table, staring out the window, watching the day start up. Nothing disturbs her and I am sure she has many Buddhist qualities that come to her quite naturally. I really think that this is just a way for her to pass the time until I get around to feeding her and that she is showing a lot of patience.
I will also start the day and feed her and rewrap that knee. There is a lot of living to be done.  

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Wisewebwoman said...

Nothing like a good night's sleep to restore harmony to our universes.