Monday, June 24, 2013

That's how you do it...

I get around real well now for a crippled, old lady. As long as I put my left foot straight ahead of me, there's no problem. I can't move it one centimeter to the left or right. I also can't play the violin and that has been a lifelong ambition.
I looked up the orthopedic surgeon on line and he is legitimate and has no court cases running against him. He has had a good education and has worked in renown hospitals. He specializes in knees. The clinic also has a good reputation and my health insurance company has a contract with them and covers all the costs. I must admit that I worried about all of that a little bit and would have called the whole thing off if I had not felt reassured.
The Exfactor did the groceries for me this morning, because I don't trust my knee well enough to get on my bike. I had made an interesting list of items that I had first looked up on my store's website, and written down very descriptively, so that the Exfactor would not be able to make one mistake. He did a great job and got everything right and I could tell that he had really put his heart into it. He is a real good shopper when he puts his mind to it.
I heard from my American ex. He is in Barcelona having the time of his life and enjoying all the treasures the city has to offer. I am so jealous! I was real happy to hear from him because, although he is a grown up and able to take care of himself, I was beginning to get a little bit worried. Next, he will get on a ferry and travel to Italy. I know he doesn't get seasick, because he's been on lots of fishing boats in his lifetime.
I have to feed the animals and then take Tyke for a walk, and think about making myself something to eat. Something completely uncomplicated, so that I will hardly dirty any dishes. I am a little bit on vacation myself.  

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Wisewebwoman said...

Oh you are so blessed with your wonderful manservants who do your every bidding.

Yeah, I know, the price tag is high and you'd prefer to be doing your own running around.

I hope you heal. And soon.