Friday, June 14, 2013

Blonds prefer gentlemen.

One of the nicest pieces of news that I got yesterday, is that I do not have a torn meniscus and that came as a great relief to me and I could have embraced the doctor who told me so and all the nurses I saw too. I do, however, have a worn knee joint and a contusion inside my knee and a hemorrhage. This should take about another month to heal, but in the meantime I am to use my knee as normally as possible, because I am not going to do any damage by doing so. I've got a tight stocking around my knee now and another one as a back up, and I am to wear it for that whole month. If I am not better after that, I am to go back to the orthopedic clinic.
To celebrate that fact, my ex and I rode our bicycles downtown and found a new café right on the side of the river to have lunch at. We did that very leisurely, because we had all the time in the world. I had the vegetarian burger and fries. My ex had a salmon salad and we really had to do our best to try and finish all the food, which in the end, I was unable to. It was fun to try something new instead of the usual cafes that we go to in the usual places. The service was good and done by the owner and cook, and the clientele on the terrace was international.
The weather was unpredictable and went from cool and windy, to warm and sunny, to windy and rainy. We let nothing stand in our way and had something to drink at a café on the Market Square later where all the umbrellas were almost blown away by a gust of wind, and we rode our bikes home in the rain in our summery clothes.
Later in the evening, my sister picked us up to come look at her new house that is almost done being renovated, and after that, we took a long, leisurely drive through the hills and villages of the surrounding countryside on the narrow and windy roads. It was so beautiful and everything was lush and green and like being in a foreign country. We saw many huge, old farmhouses that were built like forts and had the original walls surrounding them that are hundreds of years old. The roads that we drove on have existed for at least a thousand years if not more. They have always been there in some form or another and cut deeply into the surrounding landscape.
We have a drink or two at night to get us in a mellow mood and to make us sleepy enough to go to bed on time, but the truth is that neither one of us makes it past 10 o'clock. And another truth is, that we are already mellow enough together and we should be, because we have known each other for decades. Our relationship to one another fits like old shoes and is very comfortable. It's very nice when you feel so much at ease with another person. It's also nice to know why you chose to get married to that person in the first place and that you did not make such a huge mistake back then.


Friko said...

Good news about your knee although you may not be fully fit for a month or so.

I agree that it is lovely to have company which fits in so well with oneself. Sitting back and relaxing with a friend is so good for ones health and wellbeing, we should do it on prescription.

Have a good time.

Wisewebwoman said...

Sounds like a lovely holiday you are both having, knee and all. If you are riding then that is wonderful.

I was with you in spirit at that lovely restaurant by the river...