Thursday, June 27, 2013

Maybe not such a dull Thursday...

I am waiting for the Exfactor to get here so that we can start on our new and exciting project that I thought of all by my single self. We are going to replace the work surface of my computer table with a bigger and lighter colored one. I don't have much room on the one I have now and it causes for a cramped place to work on and also keep all the things I need handy. I always have to make stacks in which everything disappears and gets lost for a while until I dig it out again.
The work surface I have now is laminated and black and you see every little speck of dust on it. I want to go for real wood, maybe very lightly stained or with a distressed look. The Exfactor and I will have to go to the hardware store together and see what the possibilities are. Whatever we choose, it's going to be very easy to fix to the frame that the legs are attached to. I think between the two of us, it shouldn't take long to get done at all.
I want to get a plant that can take low light and set it on the corner of the new work surface, because that is just what it's going to need. I am having much success with the plants that I got as a gift last summer and I have been keeping them alive and well by giving them a half a liter of water every Saturday and having placed them in the perfect spot. I should be able to repeat that performance with another plant.  I will go to the specialty flower shop where they can give me the right advice on what to get.
On Tuesday, we changed the whole living room around, except for the bookcase because it is far too heavy to move. I had made a plan ahead of time, so I knew exactly where each piece of furniture needed to go and we were done in no time at all. Once everything was in place, the fun part started, and that was the decorating. Of course, lots of little things and paintings had to be put in a new place. I took my time doing that and sat in my armchair pondering each new situation before I tackled the next one.
The next day, I was a bit emotionally distraught because of this change, like bipolar people have a tendency to be. I really reacted strongly to having made such an alteration in my environment because, although I liked it, it was also strange and I had to get used to it. I had to take some extra medication to make it through the day.Today, I am okay and I am able to accept things as they are and not feel so awfully insecure about them. So disconnected and alienated.
It is raining and Tyke and I got wet this morning when we went for a walk. It looks like it is going to rain all day, but it's not coming down in buckets at least. We will survive it.


Anonymous said...

Are you going to post some photos of your newly-arranged living room? I'd love to see how you've decorated it now.

Wisewebwoman said...

Do you have a working camera yet? Dying to see desk as I am in the throes of reconfiguring and building a desk too....

Also walked in the rain today with my brand new sneakers that are like walking on a cloud.