Friday, June 07, 2013


After a fitful night, during which I had a hard time getting comfortable in my bed with that bum knee that is triple layered in the pressure bandage and made me feel awfully warm, I did eventually manage to get a couple of hours of sleep toward the morning and when I got up, my knee was in a much better state and hurt a lot less. I am getting around a lot easier and have yet to take pain medication.
So what it really comes down to, is that the bandage is actually helping me a lot and I would most likely be in much worse shape without it. I hope I get to wear it for a long time, because it does give me a secure feeling and all sorts of confidence. I would feel naked and vulnerable without it now.
I did set out to feel better today, and to be in much better shape, and I suppose that attitude is actually helping me do well. It must be the power of positive thinking, although I may assume too much and simply be very lucky. I am just very glad that I am not so incapacitated now and that I will be able to fend for myself better. I think I will even be able to fix dinner for myself tonight and that is something I look forward to, because I now already have a tremendous appetite.
The Exfactor is going to do the groceries for me this morning, so I will not have to worry about running out of food for a while. I've already got a long list going on the white board, because I was planning on doing them myself for the whole week. I doubt I will be riding my bike any time soon.
He got me some vanilla custard and goat yogurt yesterday and there is no doubt that I have a lactose intolerance, because they caused me a considerable amount of discomfort, the symptoms of which I will, very ladylike, not describe. I will not be eating them anymore, so now I will practically be a veganist. That was a very clear and easy to interpret message.
Although it is going to be a beautifully warm day today, it does cool off quite a bit during the night, and because I have the windows open, it is not very warm in here and I do sit here chilled quite a bit. I am already dressed optimistically for the warm weather, but I think I will put on my bathrobe over everything. It is one thing to look summery pretty, but another to have goose bumps. Along with my colorful dress, I am wearing very thick socks to keep my feet warm.

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Maggie May said...

I was sorry to read in the last post about your twisted knee.
I do hope you are feeling more comfortable now.

I have been sleeping very badly lately but pain keeps you awake whatever you seem to do.
The weather seems a bit like rain right now, after several days of sunshine and warmth.
I've been out for a long walk hoping to tire myself out!
Maggie x

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