Saturday, June 08, 2013

In a functioning mode...

If I go slowly, and keep my leg straight, and don't make any sudden moves, I can manage my household, but don't ask me to kneel down and get anything off the floor. I will absolutely refuse to do it, because the fear of God is in my heart. I do move like a somewhat disabled person, but since it's a temporary condition, I won't worry about it too much. My knee will get better and I will never again make a thoughtless move.
I have taken off the pressure bandage and put on a knee brace instead, and it is doing a good job of giving me support and keeping everything in my knee in place. I imagine my knee is going to collapse if I use it without the brace on. I have gotten the holiest of respect for joints and cartilage and what can go wrong if you're not careful, and have accepted the fact that my body is getting a bit older and worn.  
Today I spent time getting the bedrooms ready for my soon to arrive guest. I am moving to the guestroom and had to get the bed ready in there to make it as comfortable as I could with my own pillow and an extra pad over the somewhat hard mattress. I have to sleep there, because that's where the patio door is and the cat flap. Tyke always wants to go out one more time late at night and I don't want to have to disturb my ex with our late night escapades.
I have aired and/or washed all the linens and other items for the bed that my ex is going to sleep in and have taken as many of my personal items out of that room as I could. I am trying to make both the bedrooms look attractive and pleasing to sleep in and I think I am succeeding. I do want him to get the idea that he is welcome and that I did put some effort into making him feel that way. I want him to feel perfectly at home.
I have already started another shopping list on the white board in the kitchen that the Exfactor will have to take care of on Tuesday. There are some items on there that I never have use for, but that I will have to stock my refrigerator with now. You know how those Americans like their sandwiches with everything but the kitchen sink on them. Thank goodness I still have homemade vegetable soup in the freezer. I will serve that for lunch on Wednesday, because he should be here right at that time.  
I have to very carefully and slowly take Tyke for a walk and it is as if Tyke knows that this is the way we have to do it. He very thoughtfully walks at a very easy pace.

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