Sunday, June 09, 2013

The blue skies are real gray today...

Well, gosh darn it, the weather didn't turn out the way it was forecast by those cheerful weathermen on television at all. Blue skies, sunshine and a pleasant temperature were promised, but let me tell you something: it isn't anything like that outside at all. We were certainly fooled today and whoever had plans to sit under a parasol at a nice outdoor cafe and sip a cold beer can forget about that activity. There will be no people watching going on today. We are all shivering indoors in our warm clothes and maybe even with the thermostat turned up. I'm not telling one way or the other.
Because of the coldness, I even found my thicker socks and cowboy boots again and am wearing them with much pleasure instead of the summer shoes I had been wearing. They are now lingering on the shelf with the rest of the footwear and that includes some sandals that may never see the light of day this coming season. Oh, I am too much of a pessimist, but forgive me, these summery days that we had are so rare, and over and done with before you know it  We are supposed to accept our fate as a cold and wet country, but that is not how I remember my summers.
I distinctly remember my skin peeling when I was just a little thing because of all the sunshine, and I thought at the time that it was a real novelty and that I was probably like a snake and was going to shed it all every year just like snakes did. Of course, nothing was ever explained to me properly and I always had to figure everything out for myself. I had to give my baby sister sex education lessons, while I understood very little about it myself and was pretty much mystified. She grew up much wiser than I did.
Today I became a member of the Party for the Animals, which is a political party that comes up for the rights of all animals and fights for the environment and the preservation of nature as a whole. They hold several seats in parliament and have a lot of influence on the other parties, be they governing or in the opposition. I am done with all the parties of men in suits and ties and their slick promises and half truths who have no idea what is going on in this world and all the creatures, be they human or otherwise, that live in it. From now on, I am only voting for this party.
I have also become vegan.  


Wisewebwoman said...

Wow you are full of surprises today. Well done.

Vegan. I was vegan for a while.


Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

Vegan! Well, good luck to you!
I'm deeply committed to bacon...
It's bitter cold here and I'm getting so weary of it. Snuggled under extra blankets and refusing to turn the heat on.