Wednesday, June 19, 2013

The European adventure...

In a couple of hours my ex will be off on his train trip through southern Europe and I will miss him, but I am looking forward to hearing his stories when he comes back. No doubt he will have many of them and tell them with his usual humor. I will miss getting spoiled while he is gone, but that is something I will have to live with. I will appreciate it all the more when he gets back.
I know the animals will miss him a lot, because they have become very attached to him, and especially Gandhi thinks his lap is an exclusive place for her to lie down in every moment of the day. Little kids and animals have always been naturally attracted to my ex, because he has such a positive radiance about him.
I will be seeing the orthopedic surgeon this morning and my sister will be taking me and going in with me for the consultation. She has been operated on for a torn meniscus twice and knows all about it. That's why she is so sure that that is what I've got.
The weather has turned hot for a few days and now we have to do our best not to overheat. Tyke doesn't even enjoy going out for his walk. The earlier in the morning I take him, the better. Which is right about now.


Rob-bear said...

Hope your life is good while your ex is gone. Especially your visit to the surgeon.

Blessings and Bear hugs!
Bears Noting
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VioletSky said...

owwww, a torn meniscus is painful (not that I have had one, but I have heard and treated people who have had it.)