Thursday, June 06, 2013

Accidents do happen at home.

I was crouched under the computer desk this morning to fix a cable, and when I tried to get up, I also twisted my body to the left and heard a loud crack in my knee and felt a terrible pain. I knew immediately that I was in deep trouble. I could not put any weight on that leg without breaking out in tears and I could not straighten out my leg. All I could do was plunk down in the desk chair and try not to suffer to much. Luckily, I had the phone within hand reach and I could rally the troops.
To make a long story short, with a lot of pain and suffering I made it first to the doctor's office and then to the emergency services at the hospital where I was carefully examined and photos were made. Nothing is broken, but it is suspected that I have torn the meniscus in my left knee. Everything points in that direction anyway.
A pressure bandage in three layers was wrapped around one half of my leg, which helped a lot immediately, and I have an appointment at the orthopedic department next week where I will be more closely examined. Then it will be decided if an MRI scan needs to be made. I am to rest my knee completely and only hobble around when necessary on crutches. My sister and the Exfactor are taking turns taking care of me and Tyke.
I tried to go to bed early tonight, but could not find a comfortable position to lie in and I got up again in the hopes of finding a way to amuse myself and keep my mind off the pain. It is very frustrating to be incapacitated, because there is so little you can do for yourself. I would like to be able to do all the things I normally do, but find that nearly impossible, Even getting a cup of coffee is a mean feat. For that reason, I am planning on being better in the shortest amount of time. I am already pushing the limits.
I was very much looking forward to the day this morning and had already started it off well. On top of that, it was another beautiful day. So you could say that I had a bit of bad luck. I am very lucky that I had troops to rally, because I would have been lost without them and I will need them this coming week too. I'm very optimistically minded and think I will be mobile again soon. The bandage that feels oh, so good, helps me a lot. It holds my whole knee together.
Wish me good luck and a quick healing process. I do so want to get back to normal.


FlowerLady Lorraine said...

I am sorry to hear about this pain that you are going through and hope something can be done to alleviate it.

Do take it easy.


Anonymous said...

Weren't we just talking about how hurting ourselves at our age is even less fun than it was when we were younger?? I'm sorry to hear that it's YOU this time. Hope things settle down and that you're soon on the mend. xoxo