Friday, March 15, 2013

When you want it all.

It is quite cold outside today and I started noticing that in here, sitting behind the computer for a while, not moving much. There is no sunshine today coming through the front windows into the living room to warm up the place and I do miss it. I just turned up the thermostat and put my warm, red bathrobe on over my clothes so I will be comfortable enough. 

I also have a fresh, hot cup of coffee that should warm up my insides. I like to drink it as hot as I can stand it so that I almost burn my mouth. If it is only warm, I do not enjoy it nearly as much. I try to drink it quickly so it will not cool off too much, but if it does, I top it off quite often to keep it at the right temperature. While I was sick, I did not like to drink coffee that much because I did not get a kick out of it, and now that I am better, I am appreciating it all over again. 

Gandhi got a new kind of food and it is the bits of meat with sauce that comes in pouches. I got it for the ease of the packaging and the convenient box it came in, but I really took a chance. I thought she might only lick up all the sauce and leave the meat lying in the saucer and then ask for more, but she surprised me and ate the meat also and really seemed to enjoy it. 

I have to tell you that it is a real pleasure to see her eat so well and with such enjoyment. Within reason, I do not care how much she eats as long as she does not become overweight and I do not think she is in danger of that. She looks healthy and seems very contented. I think I did the right thing by opting for the pouches. 

The watch I ordered for 5.95, and that was a special deal via Marktplaats, finally arrived after I had forgotten all about it. I wanted to have an every day watch that I would not have to worry about getting beat up or in any way lost or damaged. The watch that I got from my American ex for Christmas is a very nice one and I should really save it for special occasions. 

This watch is white with a big, round, red face and the hands and numbers are big too so I can very easily see what the time is even if I am not wearing my glasses, which was a bit of a problem with the other one. I suppose you could say it is a sporty kind of watch and one I will not have to worry about a lot. It can take a lickin' and keep on tickin'. 

I do wear my glasses at home almost constantly, but I take them off when I go outside because I am too vain to be seen out in public with them. I do miss them when I am not wearing them and really should have them on all the time. Officially, it is time to have my eyes checked again, but new lenses are now no longer covered by my insurance so I will have to save up for them. Those and a dozen other things. 

I have to go take my afternoon nap or I will not make it through the day. I have it built into the schedule. A nap a day keeps the doctor away. 


Lane Mathias said...

One of the first signs of returning to health (for me) is appreciating coffee again. Glad to hear you sound so much better.

Now we just need some sunshine!

Wisewebwoman said...

A lovely post, good to hear you riding the caffeine saddle again!!