Thursday, March 21, 2013

Not quite time to dive under the covers.

Because my new and shorter haircut makes me look so much perkier (and younger, the Exfactor said today), I have decided to wear my glasses always. Well, at least from the moment I get up in the morning until I go to sleep. I doubt they would be very comfortable to wear in bed. They look much nicer with my hair cut this short and suddenly I do not look like an boring old lady any more. 

It did take some courage to actually go outside with them on, but once I was on my way, I forgot all about them and was amazed at how clearly I could see all the details of the things around me. I do have to add that I wore my nicest coat and no snow hat, and that I wore my very good cowboy boots without the brace. I wanted to make the best impression I could. 

My ankle was kind of wobbly and my foot dragged a bit, but I did okay other than that. I was just glad to be wearing my favorite cowboy boots again, because they are the nicest pair I have got. The other pair I have got molested by Tyke when he was a puppy. 

Speaking of Tyke, I realized this week that it had already been his birthday this month and he is now 4 years old and that maybe explains why he is becoming so well behaved. I just found it unbelievable that I have had him for such a long time already. And Gandhi is going to be 11 years old in another 2 weeks. I made sure I looked that up. I will have to buy her some catnip.

I wouldn't have bought Tyke a cupcake for his birthday anyway, but a new set of good tennis balls would have been nice. I will have to go to the sporting goods store, because the ones you get there last the longest. He tears the cheap ones apart in no time at all. All the best tennis balls he has, he has found on the fields where the kids play and they are part of a game set and have been accidentally left behind. Tyke finds them first thing in the morning before anyone else has been out there. 

When I was walking Tyke this evening, suitably dressed and with my glasses on, I got mistaken for someone else and was addressed in English by a father with a little kid. I automatically switched to English too, but it is possible that both of us were Dutch. There was some confusion and sincere apologies and big smiles and then we were on our way. I think my glasses must make me look like a lot of other people. They must make me look like a certain type of woman. I hope it is the intellectual kind that is taken seriously. 

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