Friday, March 22, 2013

Thanks, but no thanks.

I am reluctant to go outside because, although the sun is shining, there is a mean east wind blowing that makes it feel much colder than it really is, and now that I can not wear my snow hat anymore for vanity reasons, I will be at risk of suffering more from the cold than I did before. I am hoping that Tyke will be satisfied with just relieving himself out back, but I actually do not think that I am going to get off that easy. I will have to face the reality of the situation and go out there and shiver in my warmest coat and get a cold head. 

I made a huge mistake today after eating almost no dairy products for a week. I ate two bowls of vanilla pudding, even when I noticed halfway through that I was having a bad reaction to it. I was stubborn and liked the taste so much that I insisted on eating all of it and then I payed the price. It has been hours since I ate that pudding and I still am bloated with a very sore stomach. I will not discuss with you what will happen later today. I will never eat vanilla pudding again, so help me god. What a fool thing to do.

 I do not even know if I will ever eat again. I suppose I will find that out later this evening. It is hard to think of food right now, let alone get excited about it. Even if you offered me the most delicious ice cream sundae with whipped cream and chocolate sauce on top, I would turn it down. 

Now that I am wearing my glasses all the time, I think I may have to have a stronger lens for my right eye, which is where I have the astigmatism. Things are not quite as sharp and well defined as they should be, or so I assume. I do not think you should go around finding things too blurry. I have contacted Specsavers and made an appointment for an eye test on Tuesday morning. If I need new lenses in my glasses, it is going to cost some money, but it is better than guessing at what I am looking at and getting frustrated. 

I have taken Tyke out in the meantime and it was cold, but not nearly as cold as I had anticipated,  so I must make it a point not to let my imagination dictate my decisions too much. I do not live in Siberia, after all. Tyke was happy with the walk and ate his dinner when we got home. He is now digesting it under the dining table as if that is the most comfortable spot to lie down. 

I just got his big pillow from the bedroom and put it beside my chair and he got the idea and is now very contentedly lying down on it. I suppose it will be one of my duties from now on to always put that pillow beside whichever spot I am in. Sometimes it takes me a little while to catch on too. I forget how very much he enjoys being close to me. 

I think I will now take another paracetamol for my sore stomach and wait for whatever else is going to happen. I live such an exciting life. 


Gail said...

Sorry the pudding did not set well. Pudding is such a smooth delight.

Sounds like all is well on the home front.

Wisewebwoman said...

Was there dairy in the pudding, Irene?


I am so glad that you are being a good student to Tyke. His training is paying off.