Sunday, March 17, 2013

For the heck of it.

My grocery store is now also open on Sunday afternoons and I think that is brilliant because that is exactly where I need to go today to get some more supplies. I have misjudged the rate at which Gandhi eats her food and  need to get two more boxes of it to last the week. I have also found more interesting foods to eat on the website of the store and want to buy those because I want my eating experience to be as varied and fulfilling as it can be this coming week. 

It is amazing what an appetite I have and how hungry I get regularly because my stomach is really empty. My body's system seems to be working really well and I am responding appropriately by feeding it on time. I am going to be such a much more healthy person and may even develop a curve here and there. That will be better than the stick figure I have become. I will even hang on to the size B cup bras I was about to get rid of. I have got to take the optimistic point of view and assume I will be able to fill them again one day. 

I have always enjoyed discussions about food and I like hearing the descriptions of the meals that people had when they have gone out to a restaurant. I normally want to hear every detail. When I was a kid, one of my favorite books to read was my mother's cookbook. I not only liked the pictures in it, but also enjoyed reading the recipes and wished my mother would fix some of the foods that were described. I was absolutely not allowed in the kitchen to try anything of my own and in practice, hardly knew how to cook an egg when I was a teenager. 

Later in life, when I stopped cooking as a necessity to feed hungry mouths and took it up as a hobby, I turned out to be quite a gourmet and I was not afraid to tackle new and complicated recipes. As a rule, dishes turned out well, because what could possibly go wrong if you followed the instructions? The whole trick to it was to take your time and pay attention. 

But I also enjoyed going out for meals very much to all sorts of restaurants of any kind of ethnicity. Living close to San Francisco allowed me to try some of the best food in the world with the freshest of ingredients and I never tried a meal I did not enjoy. Not a bad one lingers in my memory. I did have a bad reaction once to a steak that came from corn fed beef, but it tasted very good when I ate it. 

One of my favorite restaurants was Eritrean, where you picked up all the different cooked ingredients, that were arranged on a big plate like wedges in a pie, with bits of steamed pancake. That was true finger food  and you had to take your time and savor each bite. If you ate everything, you had to be rolled out the door and down the hill of Haight and Ashbury. 

I am glad I get to enjoy food again after all this time. I have missed eating well. 


Gail said...

I am glad you continue to heal.

Have a delightful Sunday.

Maggie May said...

I'm really pleased that you are on the mend. Your good appetite proves this.
Maggie x

Nuts in May