Saturday, March 23, 2013

Best laid plans.

Tyke is not at all co-operating by sleeping on his pillow that I drag with me from room to room and put down beside me at whatever spot I sit in. Just to please me, he lies down on it for a minute or so, but then goes and moves to the hard linoleum floor. So this is turning out to be an exercise in total futility. 

He can also lie down on the area rug that is in front of the sofa, but he even does not do that all that much, except when I am sitting in my armchair in the morning and he finishes sleeping at my feet. Maybe he is overheated because of his long and curly fur that I have been reluctant to have let cut because the weather has been too cold so far. Maybe that is why he likes the relative coolness of the linoleum. 

Gandhi, of course, has no such problem, because she is a short haired cat and shares my pillow with me at night to stay warm. She sleeps right against the top of my head and it is very cozy. I like it when she purrs because it helps me fall asleep. I miss her if she is not there, but sometimes she does change positions and sleeps on my belly instead. Luckily, she only weighs about 4 kilos, so the load is not very heavy. She is so light compared to Tyke that I hardly feel her lying there. 

I have very patiently been working away at the callous bump under the ball of my left foot that keeps returning, because I do not think I have done a good enough job of tackling it so far. Yesterday and the day before that, I intermittently scraped away at it with that special tool I have and I am now to the point that it is level with the rest of my skin. But the callous goes deeper than that and I am going to have to work away at it some more until I reach the point where it stops hurting when I apply pressure to it. 

I think there may actually have been something of a splinter in it that I think I spotted, but that is now gone and there is a little pitted area. I never thought of there being a foreign object in there, but it does explain a lot. I am afraid that this has been a neglected area of my body that I am finally paying the proper amount of attention to. I do resurface on occasion and realize I need maintenance. 

I washed my hair with silver shampoo the other day. I had done that in the past but never achieved the result that I wanted. This time I decided to read the label and saw that I had to lather up and leave it sitting in my hair for 5 minutes at least. So that's what I did and when the 5 minutes were up, I waited for 3 more and then I had a purple head of hair. I rinsed my hair and dried it and it was decidedly lighter and the gray had gotten more sparkly and that is what I had wanted. I will keep using it and see if it gets lighter every time I do. Ha, so much wishful thinking!


VioletSky said...

With more sunshine and your silver shampoo, your hair should become blindingly light and sparkly!

Connie Rose said...

You might have what's called a plantar wart on your foot -- it can start with a splinter that callus material builds around. Even though the splinter is removed, the callus will keep building up again and again forever, growing inward. I have one myself on my left foot. Periodically I take a cuticle clipper and cut the hard core out and then it grows back again.
Hope you have a great weekend! xoxo

CorvusCorax12 said...

good luck with that callous...i hope it helps. I'm still fighting the gray

Gail said...

Gray hair is our trophy for the wisdom we have acquired along the way.

Maggie May said...

Was interested to read about the callous because I have one under my right foot and at times it is very painful to walk. I am interested in that tool. Maybe you could describe it.
It is a difficult place to get to, isn't it?
Maggie x

Nuts in May

Rudee said...

I was just thinking I need a pedicure today. Maybe tomorrow.

I use a color perfecting shampoo from Loreal that's good for cool blinds and gray hair. It takes the dinginess out of my gray hair. If you use a stronger shampoo, maybe only use it once a week to keep from getting a bluish tinge.