Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Imagination and then some...

I am imagining that I am warming my toes by a toasty log fire because it is just a bit cold in here with the heater off while it freezes outside. I am too thrifty to turn the heater on and besides that, I am wearing thick socks and my warm bathrobe, so I am not really suffering all that much. Of course, the fact that I just drank a tall glass of ice cold lemonade did not help matters much either. For all good measure, it should have been a mug of hot chocolate milk, but we all know how I would react to that.

I am trying out my other pair of glasses because I thought maybe the problem was that the first pair were somehow not adjusted well and my eyes had really not gotten that much worse, but I am sorry to say that this other pair makes no difference and that, as a matter of fact, they are starting to bother my right eye just a bit. I am getting a bit of a headache just above it, so I think I will switch back to the original pair. I am always willing to try whatever it takes to find the solution, but it was not meant to be this time.
I am so very hungry and could eat singlehandedly whatever is edible in the kitchen, except that I do not think my stomach would agree. I suppose that right now I am in an eating mode because I have not eaten anything recently that has disagreed with me and know what I would have to grab to make me happy and my stomach contend. I have to say that eating big slices of goat cheese all on their own is a pleasant experience and agrees with me well, but I still do keep thinking about bonbons and ice cream sundaes. As if I ate that many of them before.
I am planning on making my own vegetable soups again instead of buying soups in cans. It was a bit of a convenience to buy them ready made, but you have no control over the ingredients and pretty much have to take them as they come or keep eating the same soup over and over again. I know I like my own soups and what goes into them. There is even some joy in preparing them and a meditative aspect to cutting up all the different vegetables if you do it mindfully and I am perfectly capable of that. I am never in such a rush that I do not have time to make soup mindfully.
I think I will go back to bed now to finish sleeping. The night is not nearly over and  I have lots of dreaming left to do ahead of me. I just hope they are uncomplicated dreams or that I do not remember them at all. I think a deep sleep and a dreamless night are the best of all. At least you wake up rested.



Gail said...

Rest well.

Rob-bear said...

It must be spring; I am back!

It seems you have perhaps not had such a good winter. For that I am sorry. I hope your soup-er spring gets you going in the right direction — meaning a healthy direction.

Blessings and Bear hugs!