Tuesday, March 26, 2013

No puns intended...

I took a huge nap this afternoon, which I think I needed after I had such an adventurous morning. I had actually slept well the night before, but still felt like I needed to catch up on more of it. Even now I feel that I could sleep for hours and not be done. I do not know what to blame it on, except that I feel that I have been a bit hypomanic lately and that maybe now I am coming down from that. It usually involves me sleeping a bit more and so it is a good sign. In my case it is good to slow down and change to a lower gear. I do less damage that way.
I have been very hungry all day and have managed to not eat anything yet that has hugely upset my stomach. As I write this, I am heating up soup and that is for the second time today. I have also had slices of goat milk cheese and slices of breakfast cake slathered with margarine that had absolutely no cow milk products in it. I read the label well. The breakfast cake is made with rye flour and maybe I tolerate that better than wheat. I am going to stay away from wheat for a while and see if I do any better. To say that I eat like a starved woman is an understatement.
I very obediently slathered myself in baby lotion last night before I went to bed, and I also treated my eczema with the ointment I have for that. I must admit that I had been neglecting to do that and had been doing a lot of scratching. I will repeat this ritual tonight until I have skin as soft as a baby's and my eczema will be all gone and beyond that. I must not forget that I am turning into an " older woman" and need the extra care. 
I knew a woman once who treated her skin with Vaseline, but she glistened like it too as if she were all slithery. I do not know if under that layer she did actually have good skin. She was in her 70's and prided herself on her good looks. I do not want to take desperate measures when I get to that age and do want to look somewhat normal and not as if I have been oiled.
I am looking forward to going to bed very much and I hope I sleep like a princess in an enchanted castle. There is nothing as nice as getting a good night's sleep, unless it is eating well without stomach problems, of course. I am not out of the woods yet and it may take a while.


Gail said...

That is wonderful improvement over how you've been feeling. Hope it continues.

Friko said...

There’s nothing wrong with having a nice nap when you need one. I find that I am prone to drop off in the afternoon too.

Can you eat goat’s milk cheese? Isn’t that dairy as well?
I can’t.

And even more coincidental: I am developing eczema too; my skin is getting very itchy and I have two definite scaly patches. I have no proper cream, I just use dermatological ointment. Penaten Creme from Germany helps a bit but it’s very thick.

Naperville Now said...

I do hope you are able to set out on a path of good health and strength in the days ahead. Take care.