Wednesday, March 20, 2013

A nice night to be up.

I forgot to take my sleeping pill before I went to sleep last night, but I do not think that is why I woke up in a sweat two hours later. It must be because of those mysterious raging hormones that never seem to bother me during the day. I wonder if there is an herbal supplement I can take for night sweats? Dr. Vogel must have something for it. I must look into it because it is very bothersome to wake up all wet and clammy, and if George Clooney ever wants to spend the night, it is not very sexy. 

I am allowing myself another cup of coffee, because it will be a while before I go back to bed. I do have an appointment with the hairdresser first thing in the morning, but I seldom sleep late and besides, I can set the alarm clock. I have enough experience with this one that I know I can trust it to wake me up on time. I worried about that a little bit when I first got it, because of my experiences with previous alarm clocks, but this one is very trustworthy. 

I am very excited about getting my hair cut, because while I was busy being sick, I was too preoccupied to pay much attention to my hair and now I notice that it has gotten quite out of hand. In other words, I look like a total fool. On top of that, it has been cold and I have had to wear my snow hat every time I took Tyke for a walk, so you can imagine the state of my hair. 

Yesterday was the first time I did not wear my snow hat, but then I had to use an umbrella when I went to see my GP for my check up. I got an almost clean bill of health for my lungs (there is a little bit of residue there still) and I told him my theory about the cause of  my stomach problems and he came to the same conclusion. He did say that it will most likely need another course of strong antibiotics to really wipe out the bacteria and to let him know as soon as the symptoms return. 

The experiment of eating the meat was a fiasco, but in a way I am really relieved because it helps make me be clear on my decision to stay a vegetarian. I gave all the meat that was left in the freezer to the Exfactor when he came by yesterday, and I also gave him the packages of cumin cheese slices that I am unable to eat.  

Yesterday I ate some "hutspot" (potato and carrot mash), some bean soup and some pancakes. I ate small portions because I did not want to push my luck after the meat fiasco. My stomach did not behave quite as normally as I would have liked, but for right now, I am blaming that on the experiment with the meat. 

I wore my jeans that slid off my hips and forgot to put a belt on. Luckily, I was wearing a long t-shirt so my underwear did not show. Well, my GP saw it when he listened to my lungs, but I am sure that he sees all sorts of things and I can not worry about that. Today, I have to go in search of that belt. 

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